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JavaScript Developer

Our client is a US based HR startup building an applicant tracking system. You will join their self-organized Belgrade team in a flexible environment to help build amazing user experiences and components using the combination of carefully crafted code and front-end library.



Develop and maintain web application used by HR professionals in multiple industries. The primary role consists of developing new features using Vue.js, although there are certain things that are previously done in jQuery, and we expect developers to also be able to fix issues and add new things there as well. In time, those sections will be rewritten to Vue.js.

  • Work in a Scrum team that consists of PO, QA, backend and frontend developers
  • Attend all Scrum events – dailys, retrospectives, groomings, sprint plannings
  • Have excellent communication skills with both teammates and management
  • Tightly collaborate with UX designer.



  • Experience with Vue.js and/or React
  • Experience with jQuery, and being able to replace jQuery with native JS
  • Experience with Webpack (being able to configure Webpack on your own)
  • Using ESx language constructs and features
  • Experience with testing Vue.js (Jest and/or Cypress)
  • Being able to write good, testable components
  • Being able to do a code review for a coworker
  • Git (git-flow / pull requests / code reviews)

This job has expired.