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Managing Director

10 months ago

A software and solutions company with offices in multiple countries. We’re a company of ~40 people.

Our clients are service providers from Europe (telecommunication companies and web hosting providers). We provide our software license and professional services that enable our clients to sell, deliver and manage digital products such as domains, web hosting, SSL certificates, cloud, and other subscriptions.

Currently, our solutions are delivered on hardware owned by our customers. Our business objective is to offer our products in a Software-as-a-Service model, suitable for smaller (SMB) customers. Therefore, we are in the need of an executive who will lead the company through the technical and business transformation from a Software vendor to a SaaS Provider.

business developmentcommunicationSaaSTechnical proficiency


  • Re-position the company from Software Vendor to SaaS Provider.
  • Transition to a homogenous work process (everyone in the company uses the same principles, procedures, and tools).
  • Existing customers – create and maintain great customer satisfaction.


  • At least 10 years of experience in managing operations of 30+ people / or 3 million EUR in IT/Software/Technology company. An ideal candidate would come from a company that has risen from a small startup to a huge success.
  • A perfect candidate would have had a position that combines great communication, organizational, and technical skills, such as CTO, chef architect, lead developer, or similar.
  • Technical proficiency – a great understanding of hardware, software, networking, programming. A person must have had hands-on technical experience.
  • Product management skills – ability to identify, collect, prioritize, and organize implementation and support of product features.
  • General management skills:
  1. Day to day management of the company
  2. Handling contracts, negotiations, legal and administrative cases.
  3. Reporting for the company’s management board
  • Graduate degree in computer science, software engineering, or related

Additional qualifications would be a plus:

  • Financial skills:
  1. Creating and tracking budgets
  2. Reading and interpreting financial reports
  • HR skills – ability to create stellar teams by identifying the need for people, finding, evaluating, and hiring great employees.
  • Customer relation skills – ability to identify, prioritize, and deliver solutions to customers’ needs.

This job has expired.

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