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Software Engineer

2 years ago

We are Super, a U.S.-based subscription service that provides care and repair for homes. We pay for repairs and breakdowns on covered appliances and home systems, provide a maintenance schedule that helps our customers understand the needs of their homes, and offer concierge service to manage the logistics for our customers’ home service needs.


We are funded by some of the biggest VC firms in tech — including investors in Uber, Airbnb, Oculus, and Snapchat. However, it’s not just the investors who love our product. We boast the highest customer satisfaction rates in our industry and Super came out of stealth to win #1 on Product Hunt on our launch day, ranking above 99.5% of all other tech products ever listed. We are currently disrupting a 40-year-old industry which is extremely profitable but treats its customers terribly.


Our headquarters is located in San Francisco and we are building up our team in Belgrade. We highly admire the quality of the talent pool in Serbia, so we are excited to add a new member to our Belgrade team. We have grown double from the beginning of the year, and with Series B raised, we want to grow even more!



You will be working inside a very versatile development team with people who have been building a different kind of products in different programming languages. Every one of us is involved in every part of the system, and we encourage learning and high engineering quality.


  • OOP, concurrency, software patterns
  • Databases (modeling and writing queries)
  • REST
  • API design
  • Testing frameworks
  • ES6
  • Familiar with any of the popular JS frameworks (React, Angular, Vue.js),
    React is a plus!
  • GIT
  • Experience with AWS services is a plus
  • Experience with Gulp, Webpack or Docker is a plus
  • Experience with Golang and Golang frameworks is a BIG plus!

In Return, We Offer You:

  • Competitive salary
  • Stock options (if the company does well, so will you)
  • Agile team (we ship often and believe perfect is the enemy of done)
  • Experience being a part of a fast-growing Silicon Valley startup (you’ll
    get a career boost, learn a ton, build important relationships, and visit San
    Francisco on an occasional all-expenses-paid trip)
  • Brilliant coworkers, you’ll love collaborating with (various team members
    used to work at Google and Facebook, hold degrees up through Ph.D. from
    universities like MIT, Berkeley, and Stanford, and built several companies
    of their own)
  • Sponsored attendance to conferences, seminars

Please submit your application in English. Click apply and create an account if you don’t have one. Answering as many questions as you can on your profile page will help us shorten the selection process. We look forward to meeting you!


This job has expired.

Morph Networks

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