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What is 10x Engineer? Tech nomenclature gone wild

on Jul 18, 2019

10x engineer

It is believed by some that terminological curiosity known as 10x Engineer comes from the same chaotic environment that was behind those notorious syntagms such as – Tech Ninja, Rockstar, Super-Fluffy-Code-Messiah etc. But what does a 10x Engineer represent? According to several tech-savvy sources, it is also believed that a 10x Engineer is someone who’s […]

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How to hire a JavaScript developer?

on Jul 15, 2019

how to hire javascript developer

You’ve made a smart decision to hire JavaScript developer and there are several reasons why you’re on the right path! First of all, JavaScript is the most popular programming language used by professional developers. Secondly, it’s almost necessary to have a JavaScript developer if you want to build a website or web application. This language […]

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How to Reduce Bias in Technical Screening

on Feb 18, 2019

hiring software engineers

If you’re working with people, it’s crucial to become aware of the biases that you have. Maybe you believe that we are rational and logical but the sad fact is that we are constantly under the influence of biases that will not only affect our decisions in life, but at work as well. They can […]

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