What is 10x Engineer? Tech nomenclature gone wild

on Jul 18, 2019

10x engineer

It is believed by some that terminological curiosity known as 10x Engineer comes from the same chaotic environment that was behind those notorious syntagms such as – Tech Ninja, Rockstar, Super-Fluffy-Code-Messiah etc. But what does a 10x Engineer represent? According to several tech-savvy sources, it is also believed that a 10x Engineer is someone who’s […]

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LinkedIn Guide: How to Make Recruiters Come to You

on Jan 10, 2019

Did you know that there is more than 20 million open jobs and 590 million members on LinkedIn right now? It may look like it would be easy for you to find a job, but you won’t be noticed unless you start thinking strategically. What does “thinking strategically” mean? First of all, your profile has […]

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Developers Burnout: Why you Have to Take it Seriously?

on Dec 26, 2018

How do you feel about your job? Do you feel dreaded or happy about new challenges? Yea, it’s normal if you sometimes feel unmotivated, but if this condition continues, you better watch out! You may be close to burnout! Every programmer got close to get burnout at least once in their career. If you think […]

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