Employer branding is a way to properly showcase your company’s value

Reaching the right people starts with an authentic and transparent introduction, through a targeted and captivating employer branding strategy. Doing this right sets your company apart from the competition, making it unique exactly in a way you want it to be.

    How does employer branding affect hiring, and why is it important?

    75% of job seekers will focus on the EB before applying. Communicating your culture, values, and overall perks of being part of your organization will speak out to qualified candidates. It could be a decisive factor in whether talent will accept or decline a job offer.

    Which employer brand services do you offer?

    Our mission is to attract, recruit, hire, and retain top talent. However, it takes more than sourcing to make it happen. First, we meet up and discuss your precise requirements. Then, we agree on how and where we’ll promote your business. Our approach is always made to match your objectives.

    How do you strengthen an EVP?

    There are numerous ways to improve a company’s Employee Value Proposition. The essential ones we focus on are promoting your core values, sharing your stories, distributing your open positions, highlighting the importance of your projects and their positive effects. We have you covered when it comes to tech and work-related stuff, employees and their efforts, candidate experience, and success stories.

    How do company pages work?

    Company pages are your own slice of Omnes. Our base is packed with more than 100.000 tech professionals. We will create a page dedicated entirely to showcasing your company culture, projects, tech stack, and people. These pages encompass your values, goals, achievements, and hiring needs. Our team takes charge of adding written content, photos, and videos that depict your organization from within. 

    Boost your hiring metrics

    Communicating your brand values properly ensures your call is answered by candidates that can clearly see themselves being a part of your team. With the biggest question out of the way, clearing up the straightforward, technical stuff is a breeze.

    Increase employee retention

    Loving your work is half the battle. The other half is loving where you work. Establishing and showing what makes your company special is how special people find (and keep) their place on your team.

    Improve employee experience

    Employees make a team, and a team makes a company. Making sure your employees feel happy and safe in their teams results in a desire to create great things, and to do so as a team, under your company banner.

    Reinforce your values

    A properly laid-out employer branding strategy sets your reputation among the biggest ambassadors of your company and its values – your candidates, and your employees. Make honest, unique, and bulletproof.

    Stand out

    Every company’s goal is making sure the world knows that they’re different, special, unique. Finding a way to get there takes proper research and flawless execution. Once this daunting task is out of the way, there’s ‘your company’, and then there’s ‘everybody else’.

    Appeal to your audience

    The online world is full of noise. Being heard by the right people is not about turning the volume up – it’s about communicating your message clearly. Not an easy task, but if done right, it ends the fight for the attention of many, and opens up a conversation with the chosen few.

    Your employer branding strategy must say the right stuff. Let’s face it: greatness gone unnoticed is not so great.

    Here’s how we do this:


    We Meet

    Before we can help you devise an employer branding strategy that will put you on the right map, we need to get deeply acquainted with your company, your brand and your values. We meet, we talk, and we talk some more.


    We Plan

    Once we’ve felt the unique pulse of your brand, we can begin with putting together a strategy: How best to represent your company in the employment ecosystem, and how to make sure it speaks to the audience you wish to address.


    We Execute

    Once the strategy is polished, we proceed to execute it to a T, and watch your metrics skyrocket. You’ll see your candidate experience improve, your employee retention grow, and your brand image take shape. From there, the talent that shares your vision and values can clearly see your company for what it is – a place to call their own.

    Hear from Omnes clients

    These are some of the experiences of people such as yourself who figured out who to turn to for their hiring needs. Get in touch with us today and be the author of one these in no time.

    Zeljko popovic

    Z. Popovic, Senior Director


    Everything is well organized and documented. Through email and Trello, they make sure every step is covered. Their team often hits deadlines ahead of time. The project went perfectly, and we never ran into difficulties. Partner with them, and you won’t regret it.

    Daniel dabek

    D. Dabek, Executive Director


    When I start a new IT company or I am adding to my existing teams, I always turn to Omnes. They are not only efficient but also effective.


    J. Jovanovic, CTO

    Borne Agency

    Omnes Group goes above and beyond to find candidates on a short notice, and the in-house team is highly satisfied with candidates.

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