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Omnes started from a desire to redefine an industry in a desperate need for a change, with a lot of frustration at the both sides of the equation, employers and employees alike. Our goal is to set new standards for recruitment, all through work based on tech innovation, digital communication channels and long-term relationship with our clients.

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Pay per stay

We were looking for a way to find the most cost effective solution and we came up with the idea of Pay per Stay payment model. This concept is especially suitable for start-ups because it avoids the initial cash burnout. It consists in dividing the annual fee into 12 equal monthly fees. Besides that, if the candidate stops working for/in/at your company, for whatever reason, we will immediately stop sending fees/stop charging.

Sourcing as a service

Tell us about the people you want on board. Our team can be in charge of the whole searching and interviewing process, end to end, making sure you are properly introduced to the candidate. We will provide you and the candidate with all of the relevant information. We combine tech and non-tech interviews which saves you a significant amount of time. Knowing about yours and candidate’s expectations and goals, and having a clear insight in candidate’s skill set, knowledge and experience are a certain way to find the right fit.

Employer branding

To reach out to people is to be proactive. It begins with you - your profiles on social media, your web site, the content you post and promote. We can help you with that and we can do it as a “silent partner” or to metaphorically shout it from the roof tops, the choice is all yours. And this is just something to begin with. Let’s organize something that can truly help both your company and the community – meetups and conferences. Gathering amazing people is always the right thing to do.

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