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This is Our Story

Omnes started from a desire to redefine the industry in a desperate need for a change, with a lot of frustration at both sides of the equation, employers and employees alike. Our goal is to set new standards for recruitment, all through work based on tech innovation, digital communication channels and long-term relationships with our clients.


At the end of the day, we simply love what we do - making people happy with their jobs and colleagues, and companies with their employees. That is our main passion, helping match the right jobs with the right people, making everyone happy through created win-win situation.


Business is done right only when you add a right amount of friendship to it. True collaboration can’t be simplified as just work. We give back through events and active collaboration with tech communities. One of our goals is to help those who are looking for a way to start their career. It’s the meetups and conferences that can help the most with those first steps. This is where the friendship part we mentioned earlier kicks in as well. These events combine knowledge and experience with non-formal, non-tech, great company induced kind of talk.

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Most importantly,

people love working with us.
Zeljko popovic

Z. Popovic, Senior Director


Everything is well organized and documented. Through email and Trello, they make sure every step is covered. Their team often hits deadlines ahead of time. The project went perfectly, and we never ran into difficulties. Partner with them, and you won’t regret it.

Daniel dabek

D. Dabek, Executive Director


When I start a new IT company or I am adding to my existing teams, I always turn to Omnes. They are not only efficient but also effective.


J. Jovanovic, CTO

Borne Agency

Omnes Group goes above and beyond to find candidates on a short notice, and the in-house team is highly satisfied with candidates.


R Milunovic, Automation Lead


They were solving problems fast. They also have a perfect payment model.


R. Jokic, Director

Florence Healthcare

Since starting the engagement, the partner has decreased the time it takes to close an open position by 300%. Taking the time to understand the internal culture, they’ve been able to funnel best-fit candidates to the company reliably.


M. Holjevac, People Operations

Seven Bridges

The candidate experience is really important for us and since Omnes was a part of this experience we are really happy to hear positive impressions from our candidates regarding the cooperation with Omnes recruiters.