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    Frequently asked questions


    How does PPS work?

    Pay per Stay model helps companies avoid cash burnout by dividing the remuneration for each filled position into 4 equal monthly fees. The total compensation for every hire equals 14% of the employee’s gross annual salary. In case a new hire leaves the company within the guarantee period (first three months), we immediately stop charging or find another suitable candidate to replace them.


    What are the main benefits of the PPS model?

    The most significant benefits of a Pay per Stay service and payment methods involve its cost-effectiveness and the quality of recruitment services. PPS is designed to help companies save their resources and still obtain the most qualified new hires. Our clients get superb recruitment services, made to match their precise needs while compensating for them in 4 equal monthly installments.

    Besides sourcing and interviewing candidates and active participation in various stages of the hiring process, PPS includes promotion that drives more qualified applicants. Branded job posts strengthen a company’s online presence and reputation and lead to a shortened time-to-hire.


    Who should use PPS service? 

    Our PPS services suit basically every tech company. Pay per Stay contract is particularly suitable for early-stage companies, startups, and scale-ups. This model reduces the initial costs and helps companies plan and order their expenses. It is economical and fully transparent.


    What is the difference between PPS and PPH? 

    Pay per Hire represents a traditional payment model, commonly associated with recruitment services. However, we came up with Pay per Stay since this method is more beneficial for almost every employer. PPH divides our financial remuneration into two segments (payable twice a year), while PPS divides it into 4 equal installments (payable monthly). PPS is designed to be more budget-friendly and lessen cost-per-hire. If the new hire leaves within this time frame, we stop charging or immediately find a substitute.

    Unlimited Candidates

    The PPS model guarantees more qualified candidates and better results. Superb recruitment should always remain limitless. An immense talent pool awaits.

    Applicants pre-screening

    Omnes recruiters conduct pre-screenings to save your time. We inform you about the candidates' background, technical and soft skills, and career goals.

    Branded Job Post

    We draw candidates to you by publishing branded job posts on our website, social channels, and groups. Job posting and promotion shorten the time per hire.

    Unlimited Support

    Our recruitment team is at your disposal for all additional information and advice. We offer support throughout every stage of the hiring process.

    Scheduling Interviews

    Our recruiters take care of scheduling the interviews on your behalf. This perk is another way to save some time and streamline the recruitment process.

    Designed for startups

    We came up with model to help startups scale efficiently. Paying in 6 monthly installments allows companies avoid cash-burnout.

    Designed for startups, Pay per Stay helps you grow your team without breaking the bank.

    How Pay per Stay works?


    Getting to know your hiring needs.

    Development is closely tied to recruitment. Hiring the most qualified people implies keeping recruiters in the loop. Tell us about your business goals and technical requirements. We'll focus on the tech stack, experience, and preferences while sourcing and screening candidates.


    Efficient recruitment process

    Pay per Stay optimizes recruitment by combining various approaches to active job seekers and passive talent. Our recruitment team sources and pre-screens your candidates. We understand your technical requirements. Your company values and culture matter to us. We recruit fitly.


    Keeping recruiting within means.

    Pay per Stay enables you to save time and remains budget-friendly. This method is built to prevent cash-burnouts. PPS offers you unlimited candidates and continuous support without worrying about financial losses. Hiring on budget and quality recruitment services are combined.

    Omnes helps tech companies of all sizes grow their teams with services tailored to suit your needs.

    Hear from Omnes clients

    These are some of the experiences of people such as yourself who figured out who to turn to for their hiring needs. Get in touch with us today and be the author of one these in no time.

    Zeljko popovic

    Z. Popovic, Senior Director


    Everything is well organized and documented. Through email and Trello, they make sure every step is covered. Their team often hits deadlines ahead of time. The project went perfectly, and we never ran into difficulties. Partner with them, and you won’t regret it.

    Daniel dabek

    D. Dabek, Executive Director


    When I start a new IT company or I am adding to my existing teams, I always turn to Omnes. They are not only efficient but also effective.


    J. Jovanovic, CTO

    Borne Agency

    Omnes Group goes above and beyond to find candidates on a short notice, and the in-house team is highly satisfied with candidates.

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