A common vision unites our team:
to create a win-win situation between the companies and job seekers.


Tired of Pay per Hire?
So are we.

Cost-effectively. Consistency.

That's why we created our own model, Pay per Stay. Traditional agencies operate on pay-per-hire basis, which makes recruiters do whatever it takes for you to make a hire. When you make a hire, we then invoice our fee on a monthly basis over a maximum period of 12 months. And if talent leaves? We hope not, but in that case - we just stop invoicing. Learn more>>

Sourcing giving you
trouble? Done.

Community Reach. Content Marketing.

With our inbound recruitment services you will get a relevant content that comes in handy to talent. Building meaningful relationships with passive job seekers will lead to long term engagement with top tech talent. Get extra exposure for your job vacancies through channels we built. Learn more>>

Need a boost to your EVP?
We'll tackle that.

Visibility. Perception.

Transparency is the norm in an age of shared information, that’s why strong employer branding matters. We believe community should know about your tech stack, values and awesomeness in order to relate while getting to know your company. We will make sure each candidate knows about your company’s best features. Learn more>>


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