Hire Dedicated Recruiter and Win the Best Candidates

Dedication help us attract and hire the best talents from IT industry with a lower time per hire. By hiring dedicated recruiter, you’ll be able to handle day to day tasks without worrying about candidates. That’s why we believe that our RPO services can be perfect for your company. 

Omnes Group vision is to become Europe’s most recommend staffing company, so we know that we can help each other grow!

What is RPO? 

RPO stands for recruitment process outsourcing, but this service is not boring or cold as it sounds. It means that our committed recruitment team will be embedded within your internal team in order to help you choose the best candidates in a wide talent pool. We will go deep into your company’s needs and become your partner in the recruitment process. 

There are no quick fixes. Effective talent management requires the coordination of multiple data points. Even more than that, it requires a lot of creativity in order to attract candidates. Through RPO services, we provide a unique symbiosis of digital recruiting and employee branding. We follow new trends, embrace them, and give you data as proof of our work. 

RPO process as a proof of success 

Since we are working together, it’s important that you know what our dedicated recruiter is doing during the recruitment journey. RPO process consists of various steps, but working on the strategy followed by employee branding is a must. When we gather all the information from you about the company and vacancies, we will start searching for candidates. 

 Here are a few phases that will help you understand the benefits of RPO services: 

  1. Briefing is the starting point that will help us minimise interviewing time and maximise attraction and retention of quality candidates
  2. Producing the shortlist will help us engage both passive and active candidates
  3. Interviewing is crucial for candidate assessment and benching marking against role criteria. It will give us clarity in decision making  
  4. Quality checking will assure us that we made the right hiring decision and provide your management with useful information of the candidate

These steps make us confident about our decisions. At the end of the process, we are sure that the hiring manager is only seeing candidates who are an excellent fit for both the role and the company.

We are your recruitment department. We maybe don’t sit in your office, but we are a part of your team. 

rpo client testimonial florence tech

In Florence, our people are our strength. Omnes has been a crucial partner in our growth.

Rastko Jokic, florencehc.com


We all know how important the first impression is. Every connection with your brand can be turned into relationships. If recruiters don’t do their job well, it will affect your brand. That’s why it's important to hire dedicated recruiter who knows IT industry well. We will make a strong connection with all candidates and spread a positive image of your company.


Every industry is specific, so recruiters must know a lot about the field. Our recruiters had been in the IT industry for years. When you explain to us what are you looking for, we know exactly what profile of candidate we should bring to you. We know tech terms and what do they mean and we understand what level of competency you’re looking for. Moreover, we have technical recruiters who will test candidate’s knowledge and make sure that they are not just great on paper. That’s why we believe that Omnes Group RPO is the safest and the most profitable option for you. 

International Talent Pool

Where are your potential coworkers? If your answer is online, that’s not a good enough answer. Our database is filled with experienced IT professionals, so we can quickly reach out to them and turn passive tech talent to candidates. We also use social media channels and the best targeting options in order to attract candidates. 

The result? Better time per hire and cost per hire ratio! 

Our decisions are data-driven, so you will fill positions faster, with higher-quality candidates, while delivering amazing candidate experiences.

Most companies don’t know what is the true cost per hire. iIt’s more effective to hire recruiter who will be dedicated to the task.

Overwhelmed with managing applications? No worries, we'll trow in a free ATS to help you track candidates.

Start growing your talent pool today.

Take care of your product while we take care of the recruitment process.