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Pay per Hire follows the traditional recruitment practices and diminishes your hiring struggles.

    Frequently asked questions

    Who should use PPH services?

    Companies that don’t need to hire frequently can be comfortable with using PPH services. Well-established businesses are more likely to choose this model, while startups and early-stage companies benefit from the PPS model more. 

    How does PPH pricing work?

    Pay per Hire represents the conventional way of performing and charging for HR and recruitment services. The company compensates the recruitment agency by paying 14% of the new hire’s gross annual salary in two equal installments.   

    How is PPH different from PPS? 

    PPS is the most convenient payment method for startups and early-stage businesses. It decreases the initial cash burnout by dividing the recruitment services’ costs into 5 equal monthly fees. PPH includes paying 14% of the new hire’s gross annual salary in two installments (payable twice per year). PPH doesn’t suit newly-established teams, and small tech firms like PPS do.

    Large Talent Pool

    Omnes recruitment team will source from our extensive candidate base. We know the tech community, and we'd take charge of finding the right candidates.

    Focusing on Tech Skills

    Omnes recruiters perform interviews and provide thorough insights. You will learn about the candidates' previous experience, skills, and motivation.

    Strengthening your brand

    Regardless of the type of contract, our recruiters are your brand ambassadors. Our approach matches your culture and reaches out to your target audience.

    Candidate experience

    Adequately structured and properly conducted recruitment process leads to an excellent candidate experience. We bring tech talent your way and create bonds.

    Overcoming hiring expenses

    A refined recruitment process saves time and reduces hiring costs. Our methods and approaches lead to less time-consuming and more economical hiring.

    Traditional recruitment model

    Some just like to keep it simple. Once you hire our candidate, you pay the fee in two instalments.

    Pay per hire is a traditional recruitment model. Pay if and when you hire only.

    How Par per Hire works?


    Let’s get introduced

    Who are you looking to hire? Let's talk about our precise aims. Which technical skills do you need? What are your core values? We listen before we recruit. We match companies with the most qualified tech talent. The experience and knowledge you seek are only a few screenings away.


    We do our magic

    Now, it is our turn to grow your team. We will reach out to the candidates who possess the technical expertise your company requires. We'll conduct the initial selection process and save your time by introducing you to the most qualified candidates.


    The best part

    The most satisfying part of our recruitment process is its conclusion. Hiring the most skilled tech talent and strengthening your company is what we do best.

    Omnes helps tech companies of all sizes grow their teams with services tailored to suit your needs.

    Hear from Omnes clients

    These are some of the experiences of people such as yourself who figured out who to turn to for their hiring needs. Get in touch with us today and be the author of one these in no time.

    Zeljko popovic

    Z. Popovic, Senior Director


    Everything is well organized and documented. Through email and Trello, they make sure every step is covered. Their team often hits deadlines ahead of time. The project went perfectly, and we never ran into difficulties. Partner with them, and you won’t regret it.

    Daniel dabek

    D. Dabek, Executive Director


    When I start a new IT company or I am adding to my existing teams, I always turn to Omnes. They are not only efficient but also effective.


    J. Jovanovic, CTO

    Borne Agency

    Omnes Group goes above and beyond to find candidates on a short notice, and the in-house team is highly satisfied with candidates.

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