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Product Owner

4 months ago

Working within the product management team, your role is to author the requirements and prioritize the backlog for your development team to deliver features and functionality on the product roadmap.

To achieve this, you’ll work with various internal and external parties, such as product managers, developers, QAs, technical architects and subject matter experts.

Product Owner


Working with the Head of Product, Senior Product Manager, UX Designers and other stakeholders, you will:

  • Take ownership of features on the roadmap and drive delivery in partnership with your team.
  • Clearly and concisely articulate product requirements, through written and verbal means, breaking down and refining product functional specifications and user stories, and mocking-up wireframes (with the help of UX Designer as needed) and basic visuals / flows to support delivery where required.
  • Manage and prioritize the backlog of requirements to ensure valuable, timely and quality deliveries.
  • Manage and prioritize appropriately required features and the product backlog both within a release and across releases.
  • Ensure that development teams, operating in an agile environment, have all the necessary information and documentation to deliver specific releases and long term product goals.
  • Agree on agile release plans and manage the development and QA team within teams through to completion. Always know what is happening with a release/project and anticipate future status based upon current scope and timelines. Own the release.
  • Work with QA on the team (“three amigos” to drive earlier engagement and XP practices).
  • Analyze the product capabilities, UI and UX to define improvements and realize gaps in the product that fail to meet customer requirements and manage the improvements that need to be made.
  • Communicate new releases to relevant stakeholders through visual content that can be used as the basis of internal and market communications.
  • Be willing and able to go outside the Product Owner responsibilities when required and where you deem it will add value. Be curious, independent and clear in your thinking and communication.
  • Understand the product roadmap deeply – contribute to it, challenge it, break it apart and add customer value at all times.
  • Understand the company’s product through-and-through in order to answer team and customer questions and, above all, deliver customer value through the product.
  • Attend customer and partner meetings to answer questions and understand product requirements to build these back into the product roadmap.


  • Ability to interpret direction and create structure out of the potentially vague and ambiguous direction
  • Excellent communication skills across all methods of communication
  • Ability to ask insightful questions to retrieve information from stakeholders
  • Ability to listen and absorb information – don’t just listen to what’s being said, but be able to understand the context of what’s being said
  • Excellent time management skills to ensure that work is completed on time
  • Able to prioritize activities
  • Able to manage other people’s time if you are dependent on them for information.

The ideal candidate will have experience as a Product

  • Owner in one or more of the following environments:
  • Fintech/Regtech
  • Financial services
  • B2B software solutions
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Agile software development
  • Start-up or scale-up
  • AML/KYC Data
  • Previously experience as Product Owner for software engineering teams (4-6 software engineers).
  • Knowledge and experience of agile ways of working – and particularly scrum.


Full time


4 days ago

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