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Renhead is a US Based startup dedicated primarily to developing a recruitment software and was named Top 10 Recruitment Solution Provider in 2018. Their software will assists you every step of the recruiting process and has amazing features to help you source and process applications.

Renhead development team is continuously growing. In-house recruiting took too much time, and at the same they were not able to convert that spent time to good hires, so they turned to Omnes.

Renhead started to build their development team 5 years ago. They were searching for experienced engineers to help them develop their inhouse product, add new features and keep the software up to date. They needed professionals who understand various important aspects of development process. Technical skills and overall knowledge of computer science were required, and so was the will to understand the market and its necessities.

With Omnes’s on-demand recruiting model, Renhead grew their development team by 50% over a year.


Using Omnes Group services, we are able to quickly fill positions that we feel are necessary at a given moment. It allows us to have a relatively quick turnaround when it comes to either internal projects or requests that come from existing and/or new customers.

Marko Rabasović, CTO @ Renhead


Their idea is not to pursue a certain milestone when it comes to the number of team members, but to form a functional and friendly group that will participate in each new project and challenge. Omnes Group grew Renhead development team by 50%. One of the main objectives, besides focusing on meeting technical requirements and keeping Renhead’s culture in mind, was to save time by optimizing the hiring process. The effort to save time automatically led to preserving finances.

Working with Omnes payment structure, Renhead decreased cash burn rate by 75% quarterly.

Our unique payment structure has helped Renhead avoid cash burn-out during the recruiting process. Omnes Group is specialized in IT recruitment, which also helped avoid unnecessary costs by saving time on sourcing, screening and handling candidate experience.

50% Team Growth

75% Burn Rate Decrease

Thousands in Monthly Savings

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