how to hire javascript developer

How to hire a JavaScript developer?

You’ve made a smart decision to hire a JavaScript developer and there are several reasons why you’re on the right path! First of all, JavaScript is the most popular programming language used by professional developers.

Secondly, it’s almost necessary to have a JavaScript developer if you want to build a website or web application. This language doesn’t just run on the front end, but it can also be used for creating full-featured and full-functioning web applications. 

Finally, with the latest frameworks and tools, the scope of JavaScript has become wide, which might make it complicated for you to find the right person for your project. That is why we created this guide that can help you find the best JavaScript developers and make your selection process easier. 

How to hire a JavaScript developer?

Starting from scratch or already started?

If you’ve already started the project, it’s easier for you to understand what’re you looking for. The decision about technologies and frameworks has already been made, so you just need to find a person who has experience in it. You can easily create a list of requirements and decide who fits your project the best. 

However, if you haven’t made these decisions and you’re starting from scratch, you will have to determine the way your project should be developed. If you’re not familiar with JavaScript, you’ll have to do a bit of research before you define which software, languages and libraries you want to use on your project. You should check the benefits of limitations of them, explore which tech stacks are trending, or ask someone for advice. The point is to understand what problems each framework solves and to pick the one that can help you build your website. 

Front-end, Back-end and Full-stack JavaScript developer?

Although JavaScript initially was used for developing front-end of websites and web applications, today it’s not only limited to front-end only but back-end as well.

When to choose front-end developer?

Front-end developers make sure your site looks and functions how you want it to, and they use technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to create websites and apps.

If you want to build static-content website with some basic contact form, then you can rely on front-end developer with only a small amount of experience. However, a fully interactive user interface will require more experience. Moreover, if you want things to be done quickly, you will have to find an experienced professional who understands a framework you use in depth. Also, if you already have a backend engineer, there is no need to hire backend or full-stack developer. 

Here are some front-end libraries that can help you with dynamic content:

  • React 
  • Vue.js 
  • Angular 
  • Ember 

When to choose back-end developer?

Back-end developers are in charge of databases and APIs. They are not focused on presentation, but the functions on the server. So, don’t expect of them to draw or design anything, that’s not their job. If you already have front-end designer who’ve made the user-facing portion of a project, backend developer will connect data to the front end. Here are back-end technologies and tools that you might want to use:

  • Node.js 
  • Express 
  • Webpack 
  • Gulp
  • Grunt

When to choose full-stack developer?

If you want to build an app or website from scratch, then you should consider hiring a full-stack developer. They will take care of both front-end and back-end development and they should have extent knowledge and experience. They are very skillful, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are experts in any one part of the stack. Although full-stack developer might know how to finish your project well, it might be too much to handle for just one person. 

In-house or freelance JavaScript developer?

Hiring an in-house JavaScript developer includes more costs, but it has so many benefits. It’s suitable for long-term project development, it takes less time to fix bugs, and they will get more attached to a company and project. You will be able to monitor all the progress physically. 

If you’re thinking about hiring JavaScript freelancer, that has some pros and cons as well, but it can be a bit risky. They can leave the project, it can be hard to manage their work or they might not be as quickly as you expected. Nevertheless, there is no need to hire in-house developer if your project is small or if you have some small bugs to fix. It’s cheaper to hire a freelancer and there are a lot of platforms where you can find them. 

What does it cost to hire a JavaScript developer?

As you can guess, salaries for front-end developers depend on a developer’s skill, experience, region, and whether they work remotely or in-house. IT recruitment agencies can help you define that price base on the tech stack you require. 

Junior freelance developers are usually paid $41-60 per hour, while senior engineers are paid $61-80. 

Our data, gathered from US, Europe and Asia, shows that the median salary for a remote JavaScript developer is $80,000, average is $88,687. 

When it comes to in-house salaries, javascript developers in The United States are paid $110,117 annually on average. However, there are a lot of cheaper options, especially if you want to start building your team in Serbia. You can hire a Senior JavaScript developer from Serbia for $50.000,00 annually. 

Where to Find JavaScript Developers?

Now that you’ve defined the roles and skills of js developer, it’s time for hiring. But here is another challenge – where to find them? 

Yes, you can put your job ad on websites such as Indeed or Glassdoor, or try to contact professionals on LinkedIn, but if you’re in the IT industry for a while now, then you know that it’s not an easy job to persuade them to change their job or even to answer your message on LinkedIn. 

how to hire a JavaScript Developer
The average job satisfaction rate is 4.13.

You can go to JS Conferences or meetups and try to get in contact with them in person, but there is a more convenient way to hire an A-level candidate and save money and time. 

  • IT recruitment companies can help you define your requirements for the role, do an interview with candidates and deliver you a short list of people suitable for your project. Once your project starts, you will be sure that you hire the person who can handle the project well. 

Ready to hire JavaScript developer? We can help you! Contact us for more information, without any obligation.

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