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DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer’s responsibilities would include managing our AWS infrastructure and promoting best practices within our company to meet our social entertainment platform’s operational needs. Our ideal candidate should shape our DevOps vision and enhance our development, testing, deployment, and infrastructure management approaches.


  • Promote changes across our company processes to support safer and faster release cycles, demonstrating the value brought by each change
  • Make life easier by suggesting improvements to our development and testing processes
  • Remove uncertainty and risk from critical parts of the release process
  • Help keep the development team working on the best problems not self-inflicted ones
  • Improve searchable and graphable logs and metrics
  • Simplify and automate our infrastructure configuration management and security hardening, reducing dependencies on individual knowledge
  • Ensure the number of and usage of environments matches our needs
  • Increase our instrumentation and monitoring of infrastructure, application components and business transactions
  • Review current AWS infrastructure and processes and suggest improvements in areas such as automation, partitioning, reliability, redundancy, reporting and alerting
  • Produce and maintain infrastructure documentation


  • Passion for smooth development processes, infrastructure configuration, instrumentation and efficient production operations
  • Proven DevOps experience in a mission-critical AWS environment
  • The desire to both share knowledge, coach the team and learn from colleagues