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DevOps Engineer

6 months ago

Our client is looking for a DevOps that can join the team and help deploy and scale their products, while maintaining a stable and secure system. Projects are in the process of accelerated growth so we are looking for an experienced DevOps person that can help scale the system in a sustainable way. The selected candidate will lead our efforts to grow into new markets.



  • Help identify and solve CI/CD pipeline issues that impact development (ie, playbook or Jenkins errors)
  • Help with the implementation of availability, security, and performance monitoring and alerting
  • Help automating systems configuration and orchestration using Ansible playbooks, GitLab and Jenkins


  •  2+ years working on Linux servers
  •  Experience using Git
  •  Good understanding of Linux networking and VPN setup
  •  Experience with setting up Ansible playbooks is a plus
  •  Experience with Jenkins or a similar system is a plus

Soft Requirements:

  •  Good work ethic, self-organized
  •  Able to suggest solutions based on the presented requirements
  •  Able to document work in an organized manner

Tech stack:

  • Amazon AWS, EC2, CloudWatch, RDS, VPC, etc.
  • Ansible, Jenkins, GitLab, ELK
  • Vagrant, Docker, Nginx, Linux
  • PHP7 (CakePHP, ReactPHP, Laravel), MySQL
  • jQuery, ReactJS

Morph Networks

Full time


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