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5 Ways Outsourcing Can Supercharge Your Business: Unlocking the Benefits of Recruitment Outsourcing

It seems as if finding quality employees is getting harder and harder every time there is an empty position to fill. Is it the brutal job market, or is there something wrong with your recruitment process? Here are the 5 ways recruitment outsourcing process can supercharge your business and help you hire the right people quickly and efficiently. 

What Is RPO and Why Has It Become Common Practice Among Successful Companies?

Recruitment process outsourcing – RPO is a very fast-growing and popular business model where modern companies hire an external, third-party provider to handle their recruitment process in its entirety, or at least partially. These providers are recruitment agencies, who specialize in finding and hiring the best of the best for your job openings. There are countless benefits that come with using RPO, but here are the 5 main reasons why it’s a life saver for companies that wish to improve and expand. 

Recruitment Outsourcing Can Help You Save Money in the Long Run

The biggest misconception most employers have when it comes to outsourcing recruitment and hiring an agency to take care of everything is that it will be too expensive. A vast majority of company leaders that have not yet implemented RPO think that hiring well-experienced professionals to lead and improve their hiring process will be too expensive. 

Employers think of it as a luxury they cant afford, all the while not realizing their recruitment strategy is costing them more than RPO ever could. The longer a position stays empty, the more money and resources go down the drain. Just think about the cost of hire and all the resources that go into filling a position – from burdening your HR team with resumes and interviews to money spent on advertising. So, letting your HR team hire someone is costing you a lot more than hiring an external recruitment agency

For starters, the process will take much longer if you delegate it to your in-house HR team, increasing your company’s costs – the more time it takes, the cost of hire gets worse. Secondly, an HR team doesn’t have the resources to find as qualified candidates as an agency does, which results in a poor quality of hire, and that only leads to increased employee turnover, which is very harmful to a company. 

A bad quality of hire and increased employee turnover means your company will have to go through the hiring process at least one more time, until they find someone more suitable for the role. So, your company will suffer more than it needs to – you will lose time and resources on an employee that isn’t the right fit, and you will lose even more resources trying to find a replacement, yet again. It’s a vicious cycle that RPO could very easily fix. In conclusion, it’s always worth investing in RPO. While you may spend more money upfront by hiring an agency, it will pay off in the long run, as you will get the perfect fit for the job. 

It Will Save You a Lot of Time and Reduce Your Time to Hire 

Everybody knows the phrase time is money. However, your in-house HR team could sometimes forget that such a saying exists, as they continue to drag on the hiring process, taking more time to fill an opening than desirable. But, how could they not? They are swamped with other HR related tasks. 

On the other hand, external recruitment agencies are there to make the whole process more efficient. They have the entire hiring process streamlined and perfected, from finding candidates and screening resumes to interviews. That means that they get the job done much faster than your in-house HR team, filling your open positions much quicker and reducing time to hire, saving you a lot of money and other valuable resources.

You Find More Qualified Candidates 

Unlike your regular in-house HR team, an external recruitment agency puts all of its energy and efforts into only one task – finding the best possible candidates to fill your open positions. By focusing all of its attention into hiring professionals and specializing in that niche, a recruitment agency reaches a broader talent pool. 

They also take much more time when screening applicants, paying attention to every little detail, which results in more qualified candidates who pass the screening process, leading to smoother interviews, and a better quality hire in the end. 

By Outsourcing Your Recruitment Process to a Professional Recruitment Agency, You Can Reach More Candidates, Especially Abroad 

When you hire a recruitment agency to take over your hiring process, one of the first things you will notice is that suddenly you’re getting more versatile candidates, because you have access to a much larger talent pool than your in-house HR team could ever get. 

One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing your recruitment process is that you’re hiring experienced professionals who are specialized in finding talent and qualified candidates. That means that they have developed a wide network of people that allows them to use their connections worldwide in order to find the right candidate for your job opening. These unique skills are especially useful when hiring abroad. 

As remote positions become more and more in demand, companies nowadays find themselves in urgent need of hiring abroad, but their in-house HR team lacks the expertise for such a complicated task. When you choose to find an employee abroad, not only do you have to navigate the logistics of your country, but theirs as well. Unless you’re an experienced professional like a recruitment agency per say, you won’t know where to start – what region of the world to target, what sources to use, what kind of a compensation package to offer, and so on. 

External agencies have the resources to find quality candidates no matter where in the world they may be, which makes them a perfect partner for those companies who are looking to expand their positions worldwide. They will also be brought up to speed on competitors and their strategies, as they have been specializing in that area for quite some time and have picked up a few tricks along the way. 

Recruitment Outsourcing Is Also the Way to Go If You’re Looking to Fill More Specialized Positions

The biggest challenge most companies and their in-house HR teams face nowadays is finding qualified candidates for those hard to fill positions such as pretty much all tech related jobs. These positions include junior and senior software developers, web developers, information security analysts, data scientists, and so on. 

Today, skilled professionals in the tech industry are so difficult to get a hold of, you’ll have better chances finding a needle in a haystack. The reasoning behind this is that tech professionals are in such high demand, they have the luxury of choosing who they want to work for, and under what conditions, and they require some serious wooing in order to even consider working for you. 

External recruitment agencies who specialize in specific industries have the expertise and resources to find tech professionals, and they know what needs to be done in order to get them on board and start working for your company. They have experience with such niche positions, which means they know exactly where and what to look for, what kind of salary range and what benefits they have to offer in order to attract and hire tech professionals. 

Your in-house team may be good, but unless their only occupation was finding tech talent for the last five years, they won’t have a clue on how to act in order to fill the tech position openings in your company. It’s a very specific role that requires experience, lots of connections in the field and access to such a hard to reach talent pool which only specialized external recruitment agencies have.

It Will Take a Load Off Your HR Team and Allow Them to Focus on Other Tasks

When you have an in-house HR team that’s in charge of everything having to do with recruiting in our company, it can be very easy to overload them with work. This can only lead to employee burnout and the tasks at hand not being completed appropriately and to the best of the team’s abilities. 

However, when you delegate the entire recruitment process, or even a part of it to a third party, you are taking a giant load off your in-house HR team, allowing them to focus on other things. No matter how amazing your in-house team is, everybody deserves some help and support. Rather than having one team do all the work imperfectly, you can have two teams do what they do best separately, one in-house, and one out of house. 

You Will Provide a Better Experience for Everyone, and Improve Your Overall Recruitment Process

One of the most significant benefits of using RPO that is often looked over is the fact that it will not only improve the factual part of your hiring process and all the recruitment metrics, it will also improve the overall experience of all the people involved. Candidate experience is one of the most important recruitment metrics, and it shows how the candidates that go through your hiring process experience it. 

By hiring experienced recruiters to take the lead and manage your company’s recruitment process, you can rest assured that every part of the process will be professionally executed, and that all candidates will be treated with the utmost respect – leading to a positive candidate experience. 

When Hiring Professionals, You Can Expect an In-Depth Report of Your Process 

Most of the time, especially with those companies that rely on their in-house HR team to take care of everything, recruitment statistics and metrics are undervalued, even though they are crucial if you’re trying to improve your hiring process. However, when you hire professionals, you can count on the fact that you will always have an in-depth report of all the data analytics of your hiring process, so you can see how effective it is, and what metrics need to be improved. 

When you hire a recruitment agency to take over, not only will you get a detailed report of your process, you will also get professional guidance on how to improve your strategy. By following your company’s recruitment metrics and the efficiency of the overall process over a period of time, professionals can offer you advice and insight on how to better your recruitment process. 

Now That You Know the 5 Ways Recruitment Outsourcing Can Supercharge Your Business, Contact Us and Let’s Grow Together 

Old school, in-house version of the recruitment process has become very outdated, as it bourdains the company more than it does good to it. Now that you are aware of all of the benefits of recruitment process outsourcing and hiring a third party to take care of your hiring needs, there is no reason why you should continue to be mediocre or allow it to drag your company down. All you have to do in order to supercharge your business is to contact us and let our professional team of recruiters at Omens Group take your hiring process to another level, allowing your business to flourish like never before.

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