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All Those Times Candidate Recruitment Experiences Gave Us Chills

on Oct 22, 2019

Halloween omnes

With October 31st lurking around the corner, everyone’s getting super excited about putting on their Halloween masks and playing the bad guy that one day in the year. But, what happens when you meet one too many bad guys in a single year, especially during your recruitment process? Well, it sucks! With all the familiar […]

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What is Social Media Recruiting?

on Sep 05, 2019

Social Media Recruiting

Social media is used worldwide today since pretty much everybody has access to it. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are mostly used for fun and sharing one’s interests on everyday basics. This is not a new thing since the social media concept has been around for quite some time now. What is amazing is that […]

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5 Familiar Hiring Troubles, and How to Overcome Them

on Aug 21, 2019

recruitment agency

In the world of recruiting, change seems to be the only constant we can count on. The technology as we know it is changing course. These days, it is either rapidly upgrading or becoming obsolete, and unless you are super quick to follow up on everything happening in the digital-forward world, you are doomed. Still, […]

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