AI and gamification in recruitment

How to use AI and gamification in recruitment & talent acquisition to get the best results

Do you ever miss those simple times when it took a couple of eons + some danger of ruptured eardrum just to go online? Dial-up internet really had the 90s kids hear the sound of summoning evil spirits from outer space. But luckily, we live in a different era now. We’ve all shifted toward the future – and so did hiring! And so, AI and gamification in recruitment are taking over, making everyone’s life much easier. 

Although Artificial Intelligence now simplifies many areas of our lives, this phenomenon is still so fresh. And there’s much to learn yet. But recruiters can put it into practice and streamline their efforts more smoothly – especially if they consider gamifying a candidate’s engagement too! 

Starting from the top: What is AI and gamification? 

Aside from seeming very cool, AI-powered gamification is used to predict valuable business results and offer an accurate answer to key strategic questions. Plus, it can also form an essential part of the hiring process! So now, before you say “I’m in,” let’s start with the basic definition. 

Gamification is the method that entails adding game elements to typically unrelated concepts. In simple words, it means bringing some fun into procedures that don’t normally have a gaming context. The key reason why gamification is so useful is that it inspires user engagement. It makes tasks that people usually consider stressful or challenging more entertaining and, really,  easy-peasy. 

It can also be seen as a set of rules and systems that help us solve problems through gaming principles. So, the idea is not actually new. The term itself is what sounds a bit mystifying and needs a more simple interpretation. But still – this approach can rarely fail.

Best practices for using AI and gamification in hiring

So, how to use AI in hiring? Start with the most basic stuff. We’ll get to the fun & state-of-the-art part soon, pinky swear! But first, get your hands on the tools that you can rely on for: 

  • Collecting the most important information to assess your hiring need and create a more precise profile of your ideal candidate,
  • Going through resumes and becoming more efficient while screening multiple job applications,
  • Organizing, scheduling, and performing interviews, especially if you work remotely and have regular chit-chats with candidates online. 

According to surveys, more than 50% of recruiters and talent acquisition specialists say that they spend a lot of time reviewing CVs that rarely match the actual job requirements. And most of them will gladly use a tool that does the leg work on their behalf. AI gives them a few extra moments to focus on something more important – like personalizing the responses they’re about to send or building a community around their company. 

Step-by-step guide: How is gamification used in recruitment?

If you want to use AI and gamification in recruitment, these are the steps you simply must follow:

  • Set clear objectives and stick with them: know whether you want to gamify your strategies as an integral part of the selection process, or will it be done to boost your brand & appeal to a tech-savvy generation of candidates,
  • Customize your gamified assessments: avoid generic tools and make something truly brilliant and unique; a fail-proof tactic is to add extra value to your game so that you can promote your reputation and evaluate the results effectively, 
  • Focus on engaging your talent pool and letting them be entertained: after all, that’s what games are for, right? Employee engagement is invaluable, but so is candidate engagement; they’ll be pleased and spread the good word in a snap,
  • Be clear and honest: communicate with each candidate, give them enough information, and be very precise when telling them how their efforts will be evaluated,
  • Use gamified tests that actually matter for the job: a game is one of the elements that can refine a recruitment process, but it’s more than just laughs and enjoyment; never forget the ultimate goal and make it relevant to the role. 

Now, let’s bust a myth or two. First of all, gamified processes are not reserved for Millennials & Gen Z alone. Each generation can be motivated by participating in a fresh and dazzling round of interviews that entails collecting rewards. Now, here’s another confidential piece of info: choosing to gamify the whole experience won’t burn all your cash. Just play it smart, follow the steps from this comprehensive guide, and have it all planned from the top. 

A few simple guidelines for using AI and gamification in recruitment: Dos and don’ts

Although AI tools are quite powerful and possibly less likely to make a ridiculous mistake (like a hilarious typo that will become a LinkedIn + Reddit legend), recruiters should still do the important work. Firstly, a recruiter is the one who should establish the initial goals and make the final decision. Even if it’s an unfavorable outcome, it should be a recruiter’s duty to call the shots and say clearly that someone is simply not the right fit. But, who will tell the ugly truth? 

Well, this step is entirely up to you. If you’re comfortable with an automated rejection email and a hostile look on the applicant’s face (that you won’t see, but it’s there ಠ◡ಠ), go for it. They probably won’t raise hell, but you won’t be remembered as the most charismatic hiring manager in the book. 

The same goes for gamified elements of the process. Yes, do rely on the gizmos that enable it, by all means. And be free to encourage amusement. But remember, don’t neglect the human factor and always be aware of the objectives you’re striving to pursue. 

Gamification in recruitment & talent acquisition: Best examples

When you think of a huge corporation that somehow always manages to seem innovative and extraordinary, only one titan can come to mind instantly. You’ve guessed it – our favorite tech giant is Google! But did you hear about Google Code Jam? It is a code-writing competition made to spot and entice remarkable tech professionals who would join the company. But it comes with a bit of a twist. Here, participants get a chance to show their technical knowledge and skills & get a unique opportunity to win up to $50,000. Pretty smart and effective, right? 

There are some popular non-tech employers who have embraced this tactic as well. Unilever, Marriott Hotel, and Nestle have come up with gamified recruiting processes to understand their candidates’ reasoning and aptitude. 

But remember – you don’t need tons of money and be globally known to utilize an efficient method like this. You can just come up with a bit more modest prize than our favorite search engine here. 

3 key benefits of gamification in recruitment

There is a bit scary yet comprehensive study that shows that we will be facing a massive talent shortage worldwide. According to the data, companies across the globe will lack more than 85 million people to fill their vacancies by 2030. And because of that, we can expect over $8.5 trillion in unrealized annual revenues globally. So, now – more than ever, you’ll have to look into fresh ways to improve your recruitment process

Here’s a fact: top performers won’t pay attention to the plain, old, reliable job ads. They simply won’t inspire them to apply – or even reply. Top talents seek challenges and ways to enhance their already priceless skills. And so should recruiters! So, let’s name a few buzzworthy benefits of gamification in recruitment

A complete insight into a candidate’s skillset & more!

Skills-based hiring is one of the major tendencies these days. Its concept is very simple. You just need to forget all about fancy diplomas & go for attitude + aptitude! It works like magic, too. So, if you gamify the process and swap standard job interviews with ultramodern patterns, you will actually gain more valuable insights into someone’s skills. And not just that – you can actually see how they react in certain situations. Some games can truly boost creativity and also eliminate stress caused by the interview. A candidate will be more relaxed and really show what they’re made of. 

So, once you find and hire your perfect fit, the odds are really in your favor. People who feel engaged from the very first step are more likely to stay. In fact, employees are precisely 77% sure about it, according to studies. On another note, 63.3% of US businesses find employee retention to be the most challenging part, so these innovative and futuristic tactics might be the best way to turn those stats around. 

Improved results tracked through recruitment metrics

Each reputable recruitment agency relies on the data to boost its tactics and renew its ways. In-house recruiters should be doing the same. Recruiting analytics are a proven way to spot all potential weaknesses and eliminate them in a snap! The main metrics to track while hiring is the time to hire and the cost of hire

And guess what? Gamification helps with both! How so? Well, lengthy and time-consuming assignments won’t shorten your search for the ideal match, right? So just skip all the drama and don’t waste your precious time. If you need some extra encouragement to try it out, there is a tech startup that has already tested this theory. And they got a 40% shorter interview process – with the same amount of efficiency and accuracy! 

An astonishing impact on employer branding 

We all know it – branding is much more than a logo. It’s mostly about how your audience reacts when your company’s name comes up. And there’s always room for improvements, too! 

So, maybe you are a single clever tactic away from your ultimate aim. In fact, coming up with an effective strategy will easily turn candidates into brand ambassadors, and that’s something every business aspires to! 

So, turning to gamification and AI in hiring can be your winning ticket. A fun and pleasant experience will stick with candidates. And if the whole process is smooth & simple (plus, embellished and improved by other ingredients that guarantee a positive experience), that’s a five-star review just waiting to be written – regardless of the outcome! 

Use AI and gamification in recruitment & talent acquisition to get the best results!

AI and gamification in recruitment can make a striking difference between a bland and forgettable hiring process & an experience that will be the talk of the community. Don’t be afraid to explore this strategy and use a variety of tools to be ahead of the game. Just be clever about it – take it from the beginning and make sure to be creative and come up with something exceptional! 

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