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Smooth and Effective: Technical Screening Process Done Right

Finding the right people to fill your offices can be a difficult task… If you’re reading this post you might be aware of that, otherwise – you surely wouldn’t be perusing a recruitment agency website. And that’s a fact.

A team of skilled experts who know what they’re doing and are willing to take this burden off your shoulders sure sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? As luck would have it, Omnes team of amazing recruiter specialists may be just what the doctor ordered! They’ll take recruiting hassle off your plate while bringing useful feedback to the table! 

Getting to know YOU Is the First Step! 

To even get close to the “smooth and effective”, we’ll have to get to know you, as a client, as a company, as an idea. Familiarization with your specific corporate environment and operation needs is necessary if quick and practical solutions are what you want to be delivered! For a little while, we have to be “all up in your business”, literally! 

What do you expect and want of your future employees, and what you’re willing to offer in return is vital info that your recruiter specialists should be aware of. The more we know about your situation, the easier path to smiling faces behind your office computers! 

Say No to Generic Screening Questions ❌

Would your team use a couple of out-of-the-box-thinkers or people who stick to the instructions above all else? Do you need an IT jack of all trades or someone well versed in one specific domain? It might be a challenge either way, but you can bet your bottom dollar that Omnes recruiters will go above and beyond to find someone perfect for YOUR team.

Generic screening questions aren’t what you came for, nor is that the way we do things around here. Nope. Forget slow hiring (it’s totally bad for your company!). Going all out in the name of tailor-made, streamlined experience or both employer and employees, is the reason why we got into this game!

Seasoned IT Wizards at Your Service

While some hiring agencies have only recruitment professionals on their staff, Omnes has technical experts among its ranks too! We’ve got people who know the ins and outs of the IT industry and who’ve been part of the tech world for years. With that –  they provide valuable insights every step of the way. 

Equipped with comprehensive knowledge of your needs, unparalleled attention to detail and an exhaustive background story in programming, good results are only a matter of time. Handling IT employees in the gig economy isn’t easy, it’s true. However,  our unique technical screening process guarantees only creme de la creme of candidates arriving at your door. 

Resume, Interview, References and so Much More!  ✅

All three are very important sides of recruiting story, true – but also, only the beginning of it, at least with Omnes! How to tell a good recruiter from a bad one? Assessing the whole package, including technical expertise, soft skills, problem-solving abilities, and emotional intelligence is something that shouldn’t be averted.  

Evaluating if any given candidate is worthy of your time is a matter which we approach extremely seriously. Yeah, some candidates may have the resume that will knock your socks off, and references to back it, but if they have too fragile of an ego or a terrible attitude (or god-forbid- both), it will spell trouble for the rest of your team. Let’s face it, one simple test won’t tell you that. 

You need the best people among your ranks who work together well. Let us employ our vast knowledge and experience in this area to your advantage! 

Don’t Forget, You’re on the Spot Too! ?

There are a lot of horror stories about terrible hiring practices, unresponsive recruiters, and overall ineffectiveness of recruiting.  Many job-seekers in IT industry claim to be exhausted from endless rounds of seemingly pointless interviews and tests. So, keep in mind – while you’re screening them, there’s also some screening going on on their side too. It’s crucial to put your best foot forward.

This would be another opportunity to set yourself apart by working with Omnes. A professional, polished and no-nonsense approach to technical screenings is guaranteed to be a breath of fresh air for any potential employee. There’s no reason not to enjoy and have fun no matter if you’re looking to hire or looking to be hired. It’s all super easy when you have a good middle man on top of recruiting things. 

What’s Luck Got to Do with It?

Nothing! The systematic, detailed analytical approach is where it’s at. The IT industry’s very own top-notch matchmakers are determined to leave both sides satisfied. Whether you’re a start-up or an already well-established name, you’re surely aware that road to success if bumpy all the way. If there’s an opportunity to make things even a little easier, why not take it? 

We’ll do our research and homework for every aspect of the process!  You’ll have a team of professionals doing the heavy recruiter lifting while you’re off working on other stuff. The result? Amazing collaboration that results in long-term partnerships and superior quality!

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