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How to Hire Freelance Python Developers

Whether you’re a fan of Monty Python’s Flying Circus or not, you can’t question or dispute the Python programming language’s popularity. Due to its numerous purposes, it comes as no surprise that so many developers and engineers choose to boost their knowledge of Python.

Numerous companies pick this programming language since it can be equally suitable for large-scale and small projects. Tech companies struggle to attract and hire experienced software developers and engineers due to the extraordinarily vibrant and often frenetic market.

Hiring Python developers also gets a bit tricky since qualified tech talent rarely actively seeks new employment. Many tech companies choose to hire Freelance Python developers. Before you pick this type of collaboration, it would be helpful to gather the relevant facts and get to know the market.

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Who are freelancers? 

Freelancers, or freelance workers, are commonly used terms for a self-employed person who is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. Some freelancers work independently and mainly use professional associations and websites to find work. An organization or a staffing agency can represent freelancers as well.

Statista analyzed the data and estimated that by 2028 the number of freelancers will reach over 86 million people. On another note, their other research has shown that nearly 42% of developers around the globe use Python. Freelancers need to take charge of various things that regular employees don’t.

They set their work hours and schedule, keep track of time spent on different projects, charge to their clients, and independently pay taxes. Freelancers are not seen as “employees” by their companies, but instead referred to as “contractors.”

The benefits of hiring freelance developers

Hiring suitable freelance developers sometimes has advantages over hiring full-time in-house software developers and engineers. Companies often find freelance developers as more affordable, which represents one of the prime benefits of hiring them.

Businesses oftentimes hire freelance developers to cut down costs like yearly salary and benefits. Organizations preserve their budget and get the job done by hiring freelance developers who help their teams fulfill their tasks and reach the objectives.

A vast global network of talent is only a fingertip away from companies that utilize freelance platforms, which helps them overcome numerous barriers, such as the location and similar restrictions. Collaborating with freelance developers permits the company’s operations to stay lean and cost-effective.

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How to determine whether you should hire a Freelance Developer 

A freelancer’s job equals flexibility. Collaborating with freelance developers represents the ideal choice for some companies. Employers should answer a set of questions before making a final decision and hiring a freelance developer

  1. Does the in-house development team possess the necessary skillset to finalize the project and drive desired results? 
  2. Do you need to monitor the employees and check their progress frequently?
  3. Can the in-house development team meet the requirements and deadlines? 
  4. Is it necessary to write reports regularly, and how often do you have meetings?
  5. Does the role in question require specific training?
  6. Would you need to purchase new equipment and invest in new tools when hiring a new team member?

Freelancers are pleased with part-time work and not having to go to an office. If your business supports this kind of flexibility, that’s the first sign you’re an eligible candidate for successful cooperation with a Freelance developer. 

Define your needs

Before choosing a freelance Python developer to work with, you need to establish what you’re asking for first.

The answers to essential questions regarding your needs, gaps, struggles, and requirements will set the tone for how you start your search and which freelance developer you will ultimately hire.

Once you’ve decided on the type of project you need assistance with, it’s time to contemplate the work scope. Once you encounter the fitting candidate for the Python position, you’ll be able to tell them precisely what you need. All the duties, responsibilities, and deadlines should be defined before hiring a freelancer. There should be no room left for doubts, unnecessary concerns, and false assumptions.

Gathering all relevant information on time will help you recognize the accurate skillset you’re looking for when hiring a freelance developer. Their expertise and work ethic should be sufficient to deliver results timely.

Before sourcing freelance Python developers, employers need to consider their budget, size, length, and project intention.

Thinking about the precise job title and writing an adequate job description attracts freelance developers towards your project. A carefully defined list of roles, responsibilities, technical requirements, necessary tech skills, and knowledge helps developers understand the position immediately. Laying out the tasks clearly ensures your organization and freelance developers are on the same page.

Where to find freelance Python developers

Once you have defined your needs and came up with a suited job specification, you should proceed with your recruitment process by checking out websites used by freelancers.

You can look for Python developers by exploring the reviews, typing the location (if that’s what matters to you), or by using filters that distinguish the desired skillset. Toptal, Hired, and Upwork are among the most popular freelance marketplaces.

  • Hired allows companies to use their pipeline and find custom matches.
  • Toptal is known as a talent matching service with a strict, meticulous, and in-depth process of assessing developers’ knowledge and professional experience.
  • Upwork is one of the most popular freelance platforms, with over 12 million users. Employers who seek freelance Python developers should also check out
  • StackOverflow, one of the most trustworthy development communities online.
  • GitHub can do, too. The community they gather is also broad, skilled, and reliable.

Do you need help to hire a freelance Python developer? Drop us a line, and we will send you a short guide to hiring python developer remotely.

    Researching & interviewing freelance Python developers

    Before the collaboration commences, make sure to learn more about the freelance developer and build a relationship with them. The initial step is to evaluate their previous work and expertise, based on what they present in their resumes or on their profiles.

    If their technical experience seems suitable on paper, it is crucial to conduct an online tech screening. Building a strong connection and mutual trust implies incorporating other topics into the initial screening, which means you should feel free to discuss candidates’ interests and hobbies, or similar light subjects. Being friendly and open gets you on the right foot.

    However, if a candidate refuses to participate in the interview, well – you can imagine how many red flags that should raise.

    Python developer – key skills and responsibilities

    Python is being used for web development, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), and data analysis, among other things. A Python developer can be in charge of building, deploying, and debugging. Still, Python developer’s exact roles and responsibilities depend on the company, job profile, industry, and work experience.

    Python Web developer writes server-side logic and works with web frameworks. A Software Engineer who uses Python develops and maintains software, writes and tests code, debugs programs, implements security solutions, and often integrates apps and third-party services.

    Python is a language of choice for Automation Engineers, Data Analysts and Scientists, and other tech specialists. 

    Some essential skills every successful Python developer needs to have include: 
    • Core Python
    • Web frameworks (usually Django or Flask)
    • Object-relational mappers
    • Understanding of multi-purpose architecture
    • Code packaging, release, and deployment
    • Design skills
    • Analytical skills
    • Deep learning
    • RESTful APIs
    • Scriptwriting
    • Debugging and Unit testing

    Negotiating the budget and making an offer

    Signing an agreement with a freelance developer means having the work scope, deliverables, and timeline outlined. A contract should include testing time and payment methods and schedule.

    Surely, a freelancer should have a say in composing the agreement, and the stated terms should suit both parties’ needs. 

    Freelancers typically work in two ways – hourly or per project. Employers must always be honest about the budget. Letting the freelance developer know about the exact amount of remuneration they can count on is the foundation of a prosperous collaboration.

    Sticking to a payment schedule is another important aspect of doing business and respecting freelancers and their efforts. 

    Getting the job done 

    So, you have found the right candidate who has the technical skills required for your project. Now, once your collaboration has started, make sure to provide them with sufficient information. Freelancers are used to being independent.

    There is no need to check their progress and ask them questions too often. It would be great if you established a routine that suits everyone and truly contributes to getting the job done properly. Arranging brief calls or online meetings from time to time to keep everyone in the loop is helpful. You could even add these meetings into the contract.

    Did you find a suitable freelance Python developer? Make sure not to skip a step along the hiring process and start building successful cooperation. 

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