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7 best recruitment automation tools for smooth processes

Recruiters’ lives = multitasking. Their workdays consist of many assignments, including but not limited to a ridiculous amount of cold emails that go unresponded. And each recruiter would gladly go for any solution that can help them streamline their efforts and keep track of everything that goes on. So, using practical and efficient recruitment automation tools comes as no surprise – and as a much-needed remedy. 

Now, although recruiting automation software generally sounds like an awesome idea, the key is to select the right one. And that means assessing your true needs, aim, finances – and more. So start by learning what you can & want, and have a sneak peek at our list of tools that can help you get results fast and smoothly. 

What are recruitment automation tools?

Before we start making a comprehensive list of the best recruiting automation tools, it’s crucial to start with the basic stuff and set a few ground rules. So first, these tech solutions represent more than an HR trend you should follow. They can, in fact, make a huge difference. Surely, if used correctly. 

💡 The key aim is to enhance management and get a whole new, simpler, and improved recruitment process. Ultimately, it will lead to better candidate experience, employee experience (due to a more stable growth, simplified hiring, and money that’s been saved), and much more. So, these specific HR technologies facilitate recruiting-based tasks and upgrade workflows. From automating candidate communication to end-to-end recruiting AI – there’s a whole bunch of fields that could be covered and refined. 

Get ready to use recruiting tools & get amazing results

Here’s a plausible scenario (no worries, we won’t tell you’re nodding your head, knowing that it did happen if you ever dealt with applicants): multiple resumes were just dropped in, and you somehow managed to screen them swiftly & then just forget about sending a rejection letter or two. Now, you might face a backlash and try to justify your actions by blaming it on global warming, student loans, or Simon Leviev. Or, here’s a crazy idea: get an ATS (applicant tracking system) & nail this obstacle once and for all. 

Now, you can also include a mobile tool like a QR code or text alert, try out collaborative software, or discover a brand-new video interviewing platform. Finally, did you ever consider gamification in recruiting and talent acquisition? If not, better step on it & make something unique and practical. 

➡️ In short – you can get automated recruiting software to collect info & candidate feedback, schedule meetings and organize your calendar, make better job postings, and a whole enchilada (of superbly simplified actions and domains). Are you in? 

Dos & don’ts: How do you automate a recruitment process (successfully)?

As we said, there are countless choices out there. Gizmos are recruiters’ best friends and allies, but there’s a trick. Not every single tool is suitable enough for every company and each unique hiring need. So, while reviewing the best recruitment automation tools, keep these points in mind:

✅ Define your precise targets,

✅ Know your strength and weaknesses,

✅ Be clear about the features you absolutely need,

✅ Explore the options carefully and don’t buy the first solution that seems flashy, fancy, and appealing. 

So, learn about the types of software that can help you automate your processes and reach your goals. Then, keep an eye out for the pricing. Choose a tool that matches your necessities and budget. Find a solution within your price range that has all the traits you’ll truly use and benefit from. 

Know the perks: Why is recruitment automation important?

Recruitment and talent acquisition can be challenging. And whether you go through a reputable recruitment agency or rely on an internal department to take charge of sourcing and hiring candidates, some tech solutions will come in handy. But, here’s a brief list of the key advantages you will obtain for sure:

✔️ Improved productivity and shortened processes,

✔️ Easier scheduling, prioritizing, and organization,

✔️ Better communication, talent engagement, and overall candidate experience, 

✔️ Streamlined data that can be used when creating future strategies and job ads,

✔️ More qualified applicants and a vast talent pool,

Finally, you can even count on a tool to help you write a job description that will be more clear, engaging, and attractive. 

The ultimate list of the best recruitment automation tools 

Now that we have covered some basic info, fantastic benefits, and simple tips on recruitment automation tools, it’s time to complete your cheat sheet. Moving on to a list of the top solutions that can help you nail your targets. Using technology to improve a recruitment process is a super-easy way to win big time. Start now. 

Best interview-scheduling tools

When getting ready for an interview, a recruiter actually has a lot on their mind. So yes, even the most experienced interviewers can get nervous (and cold sweat is not reserved for candidates alone). And that’s one reason to simplify the whole drill that surrounds the meeting. Others include showing respect, saving time, and avoiding misunderstandings. So, if you aim for simplicity, then Calendly is likely to be a top pic. It’s easy, efficient, and free of charge for one calendar per user. And if your needs cover a bit more, try exploring 10to8, a more all-inclusive tool. 

Top job boards

Let’s face it – job boards are rarely enough to source and hire top talents. But some still have their magic going on. In fact, there’s one that has enabled 72% of interviews and 65% of hires across the US. Does it ring any bells? Sure it does, and you’ve heard of Indeed. Glassdoor and Career builder are followed by positive comments too. So, if you’re still looking for a more traditional recruitment tool – these might be about right. Oh, and also, these can bring you a whole lot of candidates and qualified resumes if you’ve gone global. 

The ultimate tracking system

An applicant tracking system should sort and store resumes + be useful in an entire range of related activities. When looking for a matchless ATS, these key qualities and features come to mind:

✓ Easy to integrate,

✓ Simple to use,

✓ Mobile-friendly,

But there’s a lot more to it. It can help you with distribution and social media recruiting, welcoming and onboarding new members, career page hosting, etc. Lastly, a great ATS covers multiple aspects like internal collaboration, communication with candidates, and more. Greenhouse and Workable cover these crucial points. Looking for a solution that will lessen the struggles and speed up your process? Check them out. 

Bonus list of efficient tools for recruiters

There’s a lot more you can explore and put to good use. Here are a few examples of tech solutions made entirely to boost recruiting efforts:

💻 Ideal is one of the best recruitment automation tools for your business. It helps you out with sourcing, screening, and interview scheduling. Plus, it works within your company’s application tracking system.

💻 Textio eliminates badly written job postings. It detects the biased language and finds better alternatives, which does wonders for your reputation and has a beneficial impact in the long run since it promotes diversity. 

💻 LinkedIn Recruiter simplifies the process and offers more features to help you find, get in touch, and manage your candidates. 

So, even though finding the right person for your team can be challenging, using these simple and efficient automation tools makes it a whole lot easier. 

Revisit the list of the best recruitment automation tools & find your perfect match

These days, tech tools and advancements have the power to enter all aspects of our lives and jobs. And not in a freaky SciFi/doomsday/Keanu way. So, how will automated recruitment tools affect businesses and candidates? Well, if you play your cards right & stick with a solution that matches your precise needs, the results are all awesome. Finding and engaging better candidates, saving time and skipping tedious tasks, eliminating bias and errors, and filling out multiple positions at the same time are some of the key perks you’ll get. Give it a test ride.

And if you truly want to boost your hiring processes, reach out to a reputable recruitment agency

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