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Top 5 HR Trends & Best Practices You Must Know In 2022

The past two years have undoubtedly transformed the way we all worked. Industries across the globe have undergone changes. Every single one still keeps adapting, growing, and coming up with new practices. And so do HR and recruitment domains. So, what are the top 5 HR trends and priorities for 2022? 

Aside from remote work, which will still be favored by many techies, digital nomads, and artsy people looking forward to a massive mug of coffee and a cozy outfit, there’s more to come. First of all, we’ll have a sneak peek at how technology is reshaping recruiting practices and HRM departments everywhere. And then move on to other tendencies that will redo our ways. 

What should HR focus on in 2022?

Reaching long-term goals, attracting the best talents, optimizing and simplifying all processes + turning candidates into brand ambassadors takes time. It also takes patience, knowledge, and non-stop learning. So, before you focus on improving your recruitment skills and mastering the industry, start with the basics. See what you should add to your list of priorities and grounds to conquer next year. Get ready for these new HR trends: 2022 edition:

  • AI and machine learning,
  • Reskilling and upskilling, 
  • Data and analytics,
  • Improved employee experience,
  • Remote & hybrid working. 

Now, let’s see why each of these matters and how to make the most of them. 

AI & Machine Learning are among the hot new trends for 2022

The arrival of AI and machine learning will make it easier for all HRM professionals and recruiters to streamline and improve recruitment and hiring processes. Pre-screening and onboarding will be done way more smoothly, thanks to the new gizmo. Here’s a piece of super good news: some recruiting flaws like subconscious bias will be diminished for good! 

Also, AI & ML will boost each employees’ productivity. How so? Some tedious tasks will be automated. Mind-numbing chores like entering data manually are definitely staying in the past. In fact, studies show that 72% of business owners and managers agree that AI enables workers to focus on meaningful work. So yes – hiring practices will also upgrade, and we’re all looking forward to the switch. 

Diversity & inclusion are in everyone’s focus 

80% of all workers want inclusive companies. In fact, most believe that diversity is a huge competitive advantage. And they’re absolutely right. Plus, diverse environments are far more than that. And far more than just a trend! Creativity, productivity, and cultural awareness will unquestionably rise in open and heterogeneous workplaces. Also, a good reputation is bound to follow. And technology will help companies recruit and hire more diverse talents. 

So, there’s a tested practice that will be embraced by many. Asynchronous hiring is something that many interviewers will do in the future. Yes, remote work requires remote hiring. So, the world may be frowning upon the term itself, but it’s seeing its undeniably smart and positive influences. In short, it’s about pre-recorded video interviews, chatting different from real-time chatting, take-home tests, and timely feedback. It all starts with one welcome video for each applicant. Every candidate will then receive the same set of questions accompanied by the same tone and vibe. And now you get why it’s working well when it comes to beating all bias and stereotypes – even the unconscious ones. Diversity and inclusion can be encouraged and secured by using simple tools and some uncomplicated (yet innovative) methods. 

Bonus tip for all interviewers:

Here are a few proven tips to eliminate bias from tech interviews – the good ol’ way: 

  • Set your goals and structure all interviews, so you don’t stray from the topic,
  • Make each interview pleasant and keep it flowing both ways,
  • Be honest, transparent, and provide valuable feedback afterward,
  • Ask for candidates’ thoughts and ensure to improve your own skills and approaches over time.

Lastly, we all know that tech skills are always the main deal when hiring developers and engineers. Nevertheless, it’s just plain wrong to miss out on someone’s soft skills + their aspirations, interests, and personal traits and goals. Expand your team by recruiting and welcoming diverse talents

Reskilling & upskilling will work like magic

A recent study conducted across the US has shown that only 34% of HR leaders actively invest in reskilling their workforce. However, the predictions show us that this figure will increase in the coming years. More tech and non-tech businesses will play a decisive role in preparing employees for the jobs of the future. Obtaining and strengthening the right skills will change the game. Mastering new technologies will help companies get the best outcomes.

How to succeed? Start from the very top. Make sure to create an onboarding process that drives the best results. Then, just be consistent. Keep on encouraging further development and employees’ growth. 

Encourage employee & career development

Regular training and development programs help all employees feel more confident, appreciated, and motivated. Surely, companies also thrive on these positive changes and advancements. So, enabling and advocating for employee development is an HR trend all companies need to acknowledge. For starters, firms that educate their members can reduce turnover rates by more than 30%. Seminars, conferences, workshops, and meetups are among the top choices that will help out every employee adopt relevant insights and amplify their skill sets. 

Data & analytics offer mind-blowing results

Companies are a mother-lode of data. However, without valuable insights, it is all insignificant. Businesses need the proper framework and expertise to ensure that data gets meaning. So when the time comes, they can stop guessing and making random choices. Instead, they will make data-driven decisions. All in-house HRs and each independent recruitment agency can use data for people analytics. It can enable them to get better business results and enhance workforce management.

They will create more efficient systems, develop better client experience and impact their end game by measuring KPIs, employee performance, and more. 

Superb employee experience is an imperative 

We can define employee experience as the sum of all impressions, thoughts, and feelings that one member of an organization obtains throughout their time working in it. In other words – it encompasses a whole employee lifecycle, from the very first point of contact and interactions with recruiters to their exit interviews. 

Now, why are improving employee experience, engagement, and satisfaction paramount? There are many benefits of perfecting these crucial aspects. Here are the key ones: 

  • The whole recruiting process and results are being enhanced, regardless of whether you have in-house recruiters or collaborate with a skilled recruitment agency outside your company,
  • Each metric improves, starting with the time to hire, which ultimately reduces the costs and impacts your budget positively,
  • Employee retention rates are influenced and boosted by taking good care of your staff’s wellbeing and best interests. 

And sure, there are many more perks of providing superb experience to each employee. But these basic ones should already entice you and make you want to re-examine your ways & refine them. 

So, here’s the main reason why this point means more than ever. Since the world has changed a lot, all HR personnel, including recruiters, will need to go the extra mile and offer additional support to candidates and employees. And one of the ultimate ways to secure a positive experience is by enabling a sense of belonging – plus being appreciated, encouraged, and very much involved. 

Take good care of employee retention and come up with new tactics

Coming up with fresh methods and smart retention strategies was always a priority. Creating effective tactics to keep employees happy and willing to stick around will remain essential in 2022 – and keep on being part of all relevant HR trends in the next 5 years

Now more than ever, we have seen how quickly things can change. And although we’ve learned to adjust, we found it even more effective to focus on what we already know and have within our reach. So, all companies and their hiring managers and departments will direct their attention to current employees rather than immediately searching for new ones, whether independently or with the help of an outside recruitment agency. Promoting and rewarding the employees who stayed through thick and thin will be one of the main points on everyone’s agenda. Also, many will rely precisely on the in-house professionals for recommendations and offer bonuses to those who bring quality new hires to the team. 

Offer employee benefits that actually matter

Benefits that attract top talent always work like a charm. The key is to verify which ones actually matter the most to the people you have by your side – and to those you’d like to recruit in the future. Some of the top HR trends for 2022 and further down the line will revolve around fulfilling employees’ aims and connecting their superb experience with positive candidate experiences. 

Here’s a tendency worth exploring – it’s called a cafeteria plan. This simple and clever tactic drives excellent results. In a nutshell, it’s a set of different employee benefits tailored to match their unique needs. It combines various taxable and non-taxable benefits. For instance, companies across the US have been offering cafeteria plan HSA (health savings account), which helps workers with their medical and healthcare costs. 

Regardless of whether you can (or want) to implement this precise benefit program, you can learn a thing or two from it. If you offer different sorts of advantages to your employees, they will be way more satisfied, motivated, and productive. 

On-site vs. remote vs. hybrid work will still cause the fuss

As we know, the altered business reality quickly switched us all from on-site to remote work. So, throughout the whole of 2020 and 2021, most HR and recruitment specialists have modified their ways around the work-from-home phenomenon. And now, the word is on the street that we’ll all be embracing this hybrid deal. So far, so good. It sounds like our business days will be split between operating from an office and working remotely. Even though some are still utterly defying this fresh model of employment, most companies will go for it. 

Note this: 69% of workers surveyed throughout 2019 said flexibility is one of the key factors they take into account when evaluating a job offer. So, being used to a flexible schedule and remote work (at least sometimes) will remain on the list of top 5 HR trends for 2022. 

Keep these top 5 HR trends in mind & boost your strategies

So, what are the hot topics in HR? These days, it’s all about complete flexibility, embracing new technologies, and learning and growing continuously. Look into the ideas we’ve mentioned. Find the ones that match your company’s needs, objectives, culture, and budget. Align the latest HR trends for 2022 with your aims & get ready for sensational results. 

If you need a hand, you know where to find a trustworthy recruitment agency that will help you out with hiring, retaining and all other key aspects. 

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