Social Media Recruiting

What is Social Media Recruiting?

Social media is used worldwide today since pretty much everybody has access to it. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are mostly used for fun and sharing one’s interests on everyday basics. This is not a new thing since the social media concept has been around for quite some time now. What is amazing is that there are all kinds of ways to use these social platforms for different agendas, like using facebook as a recruiting tool. It is a new strategy that relies on the fact that there are many potential employees on social networks that are active or passive on the job market. It allows HR team to find people that are not actively looking for a job and haven’t been reached by other possible employers. This is why it is a great idea to use facebook for recruiting employees. Social media have tools to help this kind of employee seek easier for employers.

Why is social media recruiting important and what are the benefits of using social media for recruiting?

First of all, there are few ways to use them, by getting:

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Each social network can be unbelievably successful in getting employers in touch with new employees. This is why social media recruiting is so important. Most of the potential employees have social media accounts. That means most of them can be reached on Facebook, for example. LinkedIn is useful without a doubt and it is one of the most important social media platforms for job seekers. Also, social media like Facebook are really helpful when it comes to employee seeking. LinkedIn profiles can be made to look like somebody has the right image for the job, but facebook won’t have this filter so the employment process gets much more transparent and honest. Facebook ads are another great feature of social media since it allows employers to reach out to more potential employees without being forced to invest a lot. Being affordable is one of the main benefits of social media apps.

Using Facebook for employees seeking

Graph Search is a facebook engine used for searching. It is a really powerful searching tool and it can be used efficiently for tracking down potential employees.

You will need a facebook page used for seeking new employees, and it is probably better to make a new one instead of using the corporate page your company probably has already. Once you have the page used for employee seeking, make sure you show how does it look and feel working in your company. Post videos and pictures from the workplace and team-buildings, and any other fun events. It will attract people to you. 

Creating a facebook ad for recruiting is a key step in the process. Mind the image of the company you are trying to push and kind of personality you are trying to attract. A link that leads to a job application is a must. Facebook Live is a great place to interact with potential employees in real-time and answer all the questions they might have for you. Referrals and Facebook Groups are the two most important places to advertise for free. Other than this, paid adds are a big plus even if you need to invest in them. Facebook ads are going to pay off since you determine your target group.

Try LinkedIn and you will see the results right away

LinkedIn is a platform made for employees and employers who want to get in touch with one another. Employers are welcome to use this platform to find new employees since most users on LinkedIn are looking for a job or are open for new opportunities in business. 

benefits of using social media for recruiting

The employer in need of a new workforce should make a LinkedIn profile page. Here you are supposed to present your company in the best possible way. Once you made your company appealing for potential employees, go ahead and make a keyword-rich profile so you are tracked as easy as possible. 

Pro Tip: Connect with former and current employees and companies you worked with at any point. This will expand your reach across the network. They will be able to help by connecting you to acquittances that are looking for a new job. 

Invitations are used to contact potential employees once you get ahold of them. You will have an opportunity to communicate with them using a 300-character message.
? Bonus tip: join LinkedIn groups with similar interests or fields of work.

You can upgrade your LinkedIn profile to have a better chance of finding employees.

Twitter might be all you need

Social media hiring is helpful, and using twitter might be the ticket for you. You should start by creating your company’s profile and then searching the hashtags. Even if you haven’t used them till now, it is not hard at all. Just type # followed by a keyword, depending on the job you offer. 

Pro Tip: Look for the posts the potential employee is posting to try to find out what kind of person they are. You could even try to find out other social media of this individual and contact them and follow their profile.

Instagram is a powerful tool if you take it seriously 

Once you created the company’s profile, make sure you make your page look as appealing as possible. High-quality pictures and a website are two main things you must have on the page. Search for the people that follow your brand since they might be suitable employees. Find similar companies and find out who follows them. Follow those individuals so they become aware of your presence on this platform.

Use hashtags here as well. Also, Instagram and FourSquare made it easy to find people locally if you need them since everybody can make their location visible. Hashtag the location you have in mind and you will see who is in the reach. Instagram commercials are also a great way to invest in getting to the new employees.

Social Media Recruiting
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The common thing about these social platforms is that you need to be active all the time so the potential employees have an opportunity to become aware of your presence in social media. Commercials are useful in this kind of advertising and can be very helpful. It would be best to use all social media for finding suitable employees so the results are certain.

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