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7 best co-living spaces: the ultimate guide for remote workers

Remote work has always been a top choice and a most desired benefit for nearly every tech professional and digital nomad. In the past two years, it has become more than that. But now, it seems like we’re heading toward the new-old normal, and this type of employment will come with even more perks. So, check out the best co-living spaces in the world & get ready for an adventure! 

This phenomenon is a hot trend among technical talents. It helps them learn, network, and get to know like-minded people easily while having lots of fun and doing something they’re amazing at. So let’s see about the places with awesome coworking spaces, friendly people, good vibes, and fast WiFi. Your next exciting working and traveling destination might be right here, in this list. 

What does co-living look like?

First thing’s first – grasp the basic meaning of the term. What is the concept of co-living? In short, it is a real estate term that has been recently popularized. How so? Well, the rise of housing startups is the key reason people got drawn to the idea. Basically, it comes down to moving into a home shared by five or more adult roommates. It can refer to intentional communities as well as to simply living with roommates. The arrangement usually entails short-term or flexible leases. But it also involves perks like cleaning services and beautifully furnished common areas. 

There are different types of this sort of settlement, like informal or “traditional” shared housing, arrangements that resemble a college dorm or hotel, cooperative housing, communes, bungalows, and more. 

And freelance, remote & flexible talents are more and more fascinated by this lifestyle and the idea of shared accommodation. 

Who lives in co-living spaces?

Studies show that the number of people ages 18 to 34 living alone has dropped by 10.3% from 2005 to 2015 across the US. In fact, according to the US Census, the 2008 crisis has started this trend. Still, this tendency is not reserved for Americans alone. For instance, co-living spaces in London have also gained lots of popularity since rentals have been skyrocketing, making living alone financially unreachable for many. On the other hand, most adults in Hong Kong still live with their parents due to money problems. Actually, more than 70% of people between 18 and 35 years choose to stay in their old homes. 

Now, finances are the key reason for most people choosing to co-live across the globe. And, as we see, this trend is dominant among young folks. However, those who are keen on finding & keeping a remote job, regardless of the amount of cash they have at their disposal, also love this remarkable alternative. And so, most of those who seek a place to share with their worldwide peers are employees of startups, entrepreneurs, and students. 

Best co-living spaces for remote workers

Since remote work has become far more than an employee benefit nearly every tech expert enjoys and embraces in a snap, people and communities are becoming more interested in discovering the world and getting the most of their freedom to work flexibly. So, get ready for the best co-living spaces in the world digital nomads must know of! We’ll mention some of the most unique, beautiful, and trendy locations for telecommuters. 

Unique beauty & a true treat for health-conscious digital nomads: Bali (Ubud)

Prepare to explore Bali’s spiritual Mecca. Ubud offers every little thing you need to live and work here. Outpost is one of the most famous and best co-living places in the world, and you’d definitely get to enjoy exquisitely decorated Bali-style suites and use two different coworking spaces. This region is beloved and often visited by digital nomads, which makes it fully equipped to suit anyone’s needs. Outpost also hosts numerous workshops and events, which provides an awesome networking opportunity. And once you have a closer look at the areas nearby, you will discover many fantastic restaurants, an Olympic size pool, a modern air-conditioned gym, and even a skate park. 

The unworldly landscapes of the Andes: Ecuador (Quito)

Those who are clear about who wins in remote vs. onsite battle will truly appreciate the chance to live, work, and play in an astonishing place like Quito, Ecuador. This location offers many vibrant and interesting experiences to its visitors. So, aside from the unique culture, history, and rich heritage, tech professionals and others who work remotely have lots to see and do here. 

You don’t want to miss Masaya Coliving, a magnificently restored colonial building in the very heart of the historical section of Quito. Here’s a spoiler: there’s no designated co-working space here. However, the place is all set up for working with desks spread throughout the property. It has plenty of quiet areas and a fast internet connection. 

Reliving the scenes from popular movies: Discover one of the best co-living spaces NYC

FOUND 97, an affordable co-living space that gives a straight out of a movie vibe, is another nomad-friendly location. First, you’d get a room that looks like something that was filtered enough times to please an Insta model. Then, you’d get all nice and cozy and ready to deal with any daily task. That way, you only see the absolute best side of New York – a dazzling, fast-paced metropolis, only without the traffic jams that would make you late for an early meeting and consume your energy. And with a beautiful, cost-effective bedroom, a fully stocked kitchen, and fast WiFi, you’ll complete all assignments with ease + really enjoy NYC. 

Here’s another roadmap: Check out the best co-living spaces in Europe

Companies across the globe have successfully nailed their tactics to communicate, function, and train remote employees. Now, there are very few obstacles for nomads who’d gladly board the plane and jumpstart their next chapter in a brand-new country, even if it’s a temporary thing. If you’re one of those who wish to explore Europe and see the advantages of its best co-living spaces, you’re in for a treat. It is known that this continent offers a one-of-a-kind blend of cultures and languages, but it’s not a secret that numerous US companies hire remote developers from Europe, tech support specialists, HR professionals, and more. 

So, it’s quite obvious – Europe is the place to be when it comes to tech jobs, digital natives, and supportive remote communities. 

Co-living royally: France is the ultimate answer!

How do you feel about getting a remote job and spotting animals like deer, rabbits, storks, horses on your regular brakes? Sounds amazing, right? Chateau co-living in Normandy (France) is the place to be. Just think of a 12th-century castle that’s been fully equipped with the new age gizmos. Plus, there is a private library and a gorgeous lounge with a fireplace to complete your enjoyment (and certainly do wonders for your productivity and motivation). 

Astonishing Mediterranean scenery: Welcome to the best co-living spaces of Spain

Whenever someone says “nomad” (although it’s a digital kind of thing and a whole new lingo in this case), we immediately picture a vast, distant scenery. But what could possibly be more remote (and exotic) than an island? Correction, a captivating Mediterranean slice of heaven? If your bucket list includes running off to an endless beach – with your laptop, Nine Coliving in Tenerife is the best place to go. Their slogan is ‘the feeling of home.’ With many common areas you can use to work, chill, or connect with other guests, this piece of paradise is a top choice. 

Bonus co-living space in Spain: Sende, Galicia. Now, this one is made for those who expect a more rural scenery. As one of the best co-living spaces in Europe, it allures remote workers to a tiny village in the Galician mountains. Nothing says peace of mind and distraction-free work like that. 

Gorgeous nature & the most amazing view: Check out the Swiss Alps

This Swiss Escape (yes, that’s its real name) grants you an opportunity to live and work in a ski resort in the mountains. And if we accidentally call it a sky resort, it would be a surprisingly accurate typo. Fascinating natural surroundings + those ski lifts will become your new obsession. Because they make this place one of the most amazing co-livings in Europe. With all the equipment you could need and a breathtaking view of the Swiss landscape, there’s one more thing you’ll absolutely love. People in this space are devoted to building strong communities. So, you’d definitely fall head over heels for Swiss Escape

Is co-living a good idea?

Why is co-living so popular? Studies show that 70% of people will live in cities by the year 2050. And shared housing will certainly lower the expenses and make living more affordable and pleasant. But aside from the financial reasons, this type of living has many other benefits to offer. 

People get to share their duties and chores as well. But, more importantly, they share ideas, hobbies, and free time. Plus, they have all the freedom and flexibility they can ever hope for. And, if you have a job that can be done remotely, you can just get yourself a ticket to any place in the world. So, it will be easy to amplify your knowledge, broaden your horizons, and meet new, interesting individuals. Your understanding of other cultures will change your whole perspective – which is an ultimate perk for many. 

What are the disadvantages of co-living?

Lack of privacy is probably the main reason to dislike this lifestyle. Some can quickly get used to sharing their space with a few roomies, but it’s definitely not the kind of life that can suit everyone. When the community you live in grows, someone’s bound to break a boundary or two. So, if you’re a huge fan of seclusion, don’t get your hopes too high.

On another note, there could be some safety concerns involved here. However, if you choose carefully and run a though-and-though search on your shared home-to-be, it’s quite easy to dodge most security worries. 

Check out the list of the best co-living spaces & start your remote-working adventure

How enticed do you feel right now? Reading about these awesome regions and their best co-living spaces can tickle everyone’s imagination, including those die-hard fans of privacy and well-established routines. Because let’s face it, there are just too many perks and intriguing things here to just overlook them. 

Now, are you looking for a remote job that can promise you the world? Start here & enjoy the ride. 

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