how to reach out to a recruiter on LinkedIn

8 Pro Tips on How to Reach out to a Recruiter on LinkedIn [+ Template]

Hunting for a job doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the digital universe will smile upon you if you follow some simple ground rules. The first lesson to learn is how to reach out to a recruiter on LinkedIn. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a first job or you’re a seasoned professional seeking a change, you should read these tips and tricks. That way, your career pursuance will be smooth sailing. Now, let’s go over the proven patterns and get you hired!

Is LinkedIn relevant in 2021? [LinkedIn statistics & facts you need to know]

Wanna talk about numbers? Well, here’s a good start. This network is older than Facebook, has more than 700 million active users, covers over 200 countries, and incorporates 55 million companies. Impressive, huh? But still, how relevant is it in the job market today? Or, in other words, how likely are you to land a career you seek? 

Let’s start with the good news. The odds of being noticed on this professionally-social network are pretty high. How so? According to the reports, more than 80% of recruiters search for candidates precisely through this channel. Now, there’s a downside to it. Although many recruitment specialists look to fulfill the actual hiring needs, there are also countless hunters who are just doing a background check or verifying how the market’s doing these days. So, if you want to experience the true purpose of this channel, you might have to take matters into your own hands. Be proactive and learn how to contact a recruiter on LinkedIn for a job. Make the first move and shift your career to the next level. 

Research has shown that there are over one billion interactions on this network every day. And with 40% of users accessing their networks daily, chances of finding employment are still on your side. 

Who uses LinkedIn the most?

If we ranked LinkedIn users by country, the US, India, China, Brazil, and the UK would be the top five places where most users are active and perpetually involved. In fact, more than 171,000,000 people use this network in America alone. Also, there are 27% of active users among the people aged from 26 to 35, and 34% ages 36 to 45. 

In addition, HR professionals, sourcers, and recruiting and talent acquisition specialists account for 5% of all US LinkedIn profiles. So, there’s more than enough room to capture their attention or just buzz them and discuss potential career opportunities. With every 20th profile being owned by a recruitment specialist, your playground is wide and open. 

How to approach a recruiter on Linkedin for a job?

Learning how to reach out to a recruiter via LinkedIn, presenting yourself in the best possible way, and comparing notes regarding potential job openings isn’t that hard. On the contrary, all you need to do is to stay natural, straightforward, and honest. Keep your profile up to date and your messages brief and concise. Add a subject line and personalize the whole approach – from the first word and initial impression, all the way to the final stages – and possible employment. Are you ready? Let’s explore a few proven ways to make contact and catch the recruiter’s eye. 

Pro tip: Don’t start by reaching out to a recruiter via Linkedin 

You don’t need to be a social media or community manager to grasp the massive potential that lies in the digital world around us. There’s a whole range of social channels we use. And the liberating truth is that they can be utilized to be more effective – or to procrastinate. And yes, there’s even some middle ground. But most importantly, they can help us land a side-gig or a full-time career opportunity. 

Now, if you want to know about the first touching points with recruiters, learn to look further. How do you start a conversation with a recruiter on LinkedIn? It’s simple – by starting outside of it! It’s not an enigma or a mind twister. It’s based on pure logic. Follow them on Twitter, like or share their posts, and check out other social channels their company uses. Catch up on their content and engage with it. 

So, to sum it up: social media recruiting can go both ways. You can wait for a text or a job offer, or you can grab hold of your chance to promote your career quickly. 

Do the research & make sure you’ve messaged the right person

Before thinking about how to reach out to a recruiter on LinkedIn, make sure you’ll find the right person. The best way to look for recruiters is to type your domain and the word “recruiter” (like “tech recruiter,” for instance) into the search bar. Then, narrow your results by country or city to discover local recruitment agencies or specialists in the area. That is – unless you’re seeking a remote job and the region doesn’t play a significant role in your search. 

And finally – don’t forget to double-check whether the recruiter or hiring manager has moved on to a different job function. So, who can you contact? If you’ve bumped into a job posting, it could be easier to determine who the go-to person is. However, you might want to see whether the firm you like has any open positions. In that case, here’s a list of HR and hiring professionals that can help you out:

  • Recruitment Manager or Recruiter
  • Hiring Manager 
  • Human Resources / HR Manager
  • Director of People & Talent 

Check out their profiles and address the more general inquiries to them. 

Use InMail to contact recruiters 

All hiring and recruiting experts use (or plan to use) some HR tools that allow them to shorten, simplify, and improve recruitment processes in general. From an ATS to interview-scheduling gizmo – they’ve seen it all. And just like that, most recruiters are familiar with InMain and its perks. So why wouldn’t you try it out too? 

Now, let’s see what it’s about. It’s a LinkedIn’s messaging tool made to help talent hunters and job seekers reach more professionals. In short, it allows you to send a brief text to anyone on this network, regardless of whether you’re connected. 

Tailor your connection request & make it personal

Before your finger aims directly toward the blue “connect” button, take an extra moment. First, figure out a catchy and specific line that you’ll add to the request.

Attaching a brief yet personalized message to your connection request is crucial. Think about it. If you receive a connection request with no text attached from a person you’ve never actually met, will you accept it? Even if you do, there will be something missing. Adding a word or two about why you’re reaching out grants you a way better acceptance rate.

If there’s a line of work that promotes a personalized approach and customized texting, it’s recruitment. Only by being genuine, trustworthy, and clear will recruiters attract top talent and possibly turn them into brand ambassadors. Show the same courtesy, and your wishes will come to pass. 

Optimize your profile before asking how to reach out to recruiters

Before making a move, do what’s in your power to ensure a striking first impression. So first, optimize your profile – keep it fresh, relevant, and packed with keywords! Don’t forget to completely fill out each of your profile sections. This includes adding:

  • a professional photo, 
  • brief, precise, and well-optimized LinkedIn job title (again – with the right keywords), 
  • full summary and employment history with related information, 
  • formal education, background, certifications, and courses,
  • skills and endorsements section,

And more.  

Get your resume ready too. Refresh it and cut it to fit the positions you’re interested in. The same rules apply: keep it simple and concise, and use the keywords to drive the recruiter’s attention to what truly matters. 

Come up with a proper title for your message

If you choose to reach out to anyone, know that there is a 35% chance that they will judge whether or not to even read your email or text based on the subject line itself. So make sure it’s in a pleasant, polite, and professional tone. It needs to clearly flag up what you’re going to say. It’s good to start with phrases like – “concerning a job opening,” or “regarding a Java developer role”, or anything similar that matches your competencies and the company’s actual needs. 

Keep it short & sweet

A study has shown that recruiters skim CVs for an average of 7.4 seconds. Their daily routines consist of lots of resume-gazing, scrolling through job boards, lurking behind LinkedIn endorsements, and much, much more. So, to put it frankly – none of them will jump over the Moon if they have to read a very long message. Don’t waste anyone’s time bragging about your achievements, or even worse – by stating made-up facts that should make you a perfect match for the company. Much like fake job postings, these stretches, exaggerations, and tall stories will fall short. Instead, keep your profile well-optimized and honest – and it will do the trick. Also, keep your message spelled out and to the point. All you have to do is add a CTA, like – “feel free to check out my references,” and that could change the game to your advantage. 

Follow up & ensure to stay in touch 

Now that you have gained an idea or two about how to reach out to a Recruiter on Linkedin, there’s one more step to master. What happens afterward? Sometimes, reaching out to a recruiter via LinkedIn won’t bring a favorable outcome in a flash. Actually, it will most likely take some time to see the results and book the interview or receive an offer. And the fact is, nearly every job seeker has received a mystified rejection letter at least once. We know that the all-too-familiar lines like “I’ll keep your resume and get back to you” don’t sound very promising. But it’s a start.

So, there’s a remedy for the case of a saved CV and zero positive responses. Stay at the top of the recruiter’s mind by staying in touch. Here’s a disclaimer – don’t be pushy or annoying. Texting every week will only get you further away from where you wanna be. Instead, simply reenter the pipeline once every few months in an informal, friendly way. 

How to reach out to a recruiter on Linkedin: Template

Dear [Recruiter’s first name],

I am a [job title or a college graduate], and I am looking for my [first/next] full-time role. I’ve taken an interest in your company and brand [name a reason, such as – the content you have promoted is appealing and useful, or I’ve heard amazing things regarding the employee development opportunities you offer]. 

I would be happy to learn more about your firm and present my knowledge to you. Feel free to check out my profile and ask any additional questions. 

And please let me know if there are any open positions for someone of my skill set and experience. 

Many thanks for your time and I’m looking forward to your reply. 

Yours sincerely,

[First name] 

Use these simple tips on how to approach a recruiter on Linkedin & get hired!

More than 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn weekly. Go find them & get in touch! Avoid witty headlines and subjects like “I wanna be the Gandalf to your fellowship,” and don’t oversell or explore the character limits of messaging through this platform. Just keep it simple, short, concise, and honest. Add a catchy and brief CTA, and polish your profile. Your next job will be within your reach. 

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