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What can we do during the COVID 19 outbreak

on Mar 27, 2020

Soft Skills

COVID 19 is a legit reason for everyone to feel at least slightly distressed. This pandemic MUST be taken seriously, but it MUST NOT be a reason to panic.

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Opening a Company in Serbia

on Nov 25, 2019

opening a copmany in serbia

Serbia is attracting a lot of global companies for a reason. Opening a company in Serbia is very cost-effective and simple; it takes only a few days to do it. Since it’s in the process of joining the European Union, Serbian laws and regulations are in favor of investors. Moreover, Serbia scored 92/100 on the […]

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What Everybody Should Know About Recruitment Agencies

on Aug 06, 2019

recruitment agency

With the current job market as it is these days, every business – whether small or big – needs to be extra careful about the way they process new hires.  Understandably, your first instinct is to keep the money in the firm, but – that’s not always the best solution. Believe it or not, turning […]

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