6 Reasons Why IT Companies Need Technical Screening

on Jan 22, 2019

The hiring process can be time-consuming for both managers and potential candidates. With this problem in mind, IT recruitment companies started using technical screening interview as a powerful technique that helps both sides realise if they’re a perfect match. There are many techniques that hiring managers or recruiters use for pre-employment screening. For example, they […]

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How Not to Lose Employee in the First Year

on Dec 07, 2018

The first impression of the company is precious, but it’s not the only thing that matters. Your goal is to keep new employees, so you better start planning the onboarding process that continues after the day one. Will they remain engaged for years to come or will they leave an empty desk after only a […]

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The Best Way How to Handle IT Employees in a Gig Economy

on Nov 15, 2018

remote team

One person can’t and shouldn’t do everything on their own. That’s why gig economy is so great for companies. You can hire experts when you need them so you can focus on your job. Also, people no longer want to sit 40+ hour week in an office, so this is a great way to hire […]

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